Heaven & Hell Theme Party 2k13 (5.18.13)

DVDJ Unique

Pioneer Pro DJ Unique - Featured In DJ Time Magazine

Jay Lopez is one jock who will gleefully testify to the wonders of video. Known professionally as DVDJ Unique, the Miami-based jock has taken his career to another level with his mastery of video mixing on Pioneer’s DVJ-1000 player and SVM-1000 audio/video mixer. Like DJ Creme, Unique’s a former Connecticut mobile and club jock who parlayed his vast DJing skills into a VJ career, one that now includes work as a demonstrator of Pioneer Pro DJ’s range of products. In the past couple years, Unique has helped build his audience with memorable VJ sets at the International DJ Expo’s annual Promo Only/Pioneer party at House of Blues. (His “Bill O’Reilly Do It Live Remix,” which chops and electro-fies the cable blowhard’s famous on-air meltdown, was a hit at the ’08 Expo and it remains a YouTube fave.) He’s further raised his profile as a member the Video Assassins, a confederation of VJs that includes the visionary Roonie G. Unique has also begun to travel nationwide and abroad.

DJ KONTROL "The Remix Junkie"

Known as The Remix Junkie & part of the duo TRPMSTR -

Based in Atlanta, GA, the city many refer to as the new Motown for music, DJ K0NTR0L sets himself apart from the rest with his experience as both a DJ & Producer. Always ahead of the curve, K0NTR0L has been at the forefront of the Mash-Up movement blending Hip-Hop & Dance music for nearly a decade. His sought after Remixes have been featured on all the major DJ sites including Beatport, Crooklyn...Clan.net, YourRemix.com, StrictlyHits.com and more.

Last year, K0NTR0L caught the ears of superstar LIL JON and they immediately began collaborating. These tracks were released on their Mixtape/ DVD project THE KING OF CRUNK & THE REMIX JUNKIE. Get Naked, the debut single from K0NTR0L featuring LIL JON, reached the #1 spot on Serato's WhiteLabel.net. Their latest project was a Remix to BEYONCE's Best Thing I Never Had, which has been played on radio stations all over the globe. These days it is hard to find a DJ who doesn't have a multitude of his Remixes in their Serato crate.

As a DJ, K0NTR0L spins an open-format of music featuring classics from every decade in addition to many of his signature Remixes. With more than 10 years of nightclub experience, this DJ has what it takes to satisfy a diverse room of clubgoers. His vast knowledge of music & knack for incorporating the craziest Remixes into his sets ensure a good time whenever he is in “K0NTR0L” of the party!

DJ Ronnie Roux

In high school, he always had a liking to play the music at everyone’s house party. Stepping into the club scene as a patron, he quickly made friends with the DJ in every nightclub he went to. Then, the luckiest break ever, a resident DJ at a club he went to was ready to retire. With an offer no 19 year old guy could refuse, he took that DJ job without thinking twice. With no formal training and no clue what to do, Ronnie quickly caught on to the DJ scene. The end result of that lucky break made Ronnie Roux one of the most sought after disc jockeys in New Orleans. He’s played in the top nightclubs New Orleans has to offer. His versatility in music formats keeps him busy on the weekends with nightclubs and corporate event planners. He’s contracted with the two biggest corporate event planners in New Orleans for the busy tourism industry. Currently residing at the biggest nightclub in New Orleans, he plays a video DJ set every Saturday at Metropolitan. Whether it’s hip hop, EDM, top 40 or party rock, he can play it all.

DJ Wixx

Born and raised in New Orleans. The Dj seed was planted while helping a friend at a house party, and since then he has been hooked ever since then. DJ Wixx quickly landed his first Saturday Night residency at a local hotspot, “Moby’s”. While pursuing a higher education at Southeastern Louisiana University, he landed his second Dj residency. After his four year reign of college, he returned to New Orleans and moved on to spin at local venues across the 504. As the music scene evolved from club to club, so did his music arsenal, spinning anything from Top 40, Hip Hop to Breakbeat, Old School to Mashups and didn’t stop there by adding videos to his set. His ball of fire mixing teamed up with his panoramic audio taste can be seen and heard in New Orleans every weekend at the Metropolitan Night Club.


DJ TAF was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He was destined to become a DJ from his older brother being a nightclub DJ. Often playing high school proms and kids’ parties turned into a want for more. Upon reaching the legal age to enter a club, he was itching to start his process of learning the nightclub crowd. He took a light guy job at Metropolitan nightclub to begin. Opening and closing shifts soon turned into prime-time DJ shifts for him. Favorite musical genres include hip-hop and EDM. His DJ appearances thus far include TJ Quils, Pub Zero and Metropolitan. With the introduction of videos to the DJ world, he quickly embraced this new technology to be competitive in the DJ market. Follow him on Twitter @theDJTAF or facebook.com/DJTAF

DJ Chris Jones

Resident DJ at The METROpolitan Night Club

Instagram UN: ChrisJonesENT



Welcome to the palace of Angels and Demons! Once a year planets align and Purgatory opens it's gates to let two worlds go to war; Angels with wings adorned in white, blue, and gold battle the horned and tailed guardians of the underworld! The fair heavenly-bodied warriors of good writhe and grind against the red, leather-like skin of the evil army. Angels and Demons, Good and Evil, life and death all collide on the battle ground between Heaven and Hell! We call Angels, Demons, Cherubs, Gargoyles, Saints, and Sinners alike to descend upon our hedonistic playground. Mix, mingle, and make merry in Heaven with the angelic sounds of Pioneer Pro DJ, DVDJ Unique. In Hell, we will have DJ KONTROL "The Remix Junkie". We also have our resident DJ's opening and closing, they are DJ Ronnie Roux, DJ Wixx, DJ TAF, and DJ Chris Jones

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