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Find Your Muse Open Mic is Charlotte's premier open mic night. Each week we feature a special guest performer from around the region. Come out and see some of the area's best up & coming talent perform their latest original tunes. Always a fun time, hosted by the semi-hilarious Mr. Erik Button. Look forward to the start of a great Monday night at 7:30pm as you are greeted by the rest of our FYM team; Aaaaron at the door, Donniebaseball behind the bar serving up cold ones, and Normal Dennis doing his best at making it all sound great from behind the board. Sign ups are at 7:45, so come out and get your time slot. Participate in The "Bad-Ass" of the Week, and maybe win a $20 gift card.

Kylie Odetta

There’s no gray area where Kylie Odetta is concerned.

Either you like her or you love her. She either makes you laugh or makes you think. She’s that goofy friend who’s fun to hang out with or that fierce advocate who will stand up for you when no one else will.

No fence straddling. No in between. No wishy washiness. The same holds true for her music: Kylie Odetta knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she’s either going to be a big star. Or a really, really big star.

The bubbly 15-year-old singer/songwriter/composer/actress has burst onto the scene with an infectious sound that, though it pays homage to her Greenville, South Carolina roots, it is -- without a doubt -- the stuff contemporary pop hits are made of. Says, Kylie, “My music is playful but it’s deep yet in an easy-to-relate-to way. My style is sassy and fun like a knowing wink but on the other end of the spectrum it can be very sensitive and pull on the heart strings.”

Kylie says she likes for listeners to participate in her songs by connecting to them emotionally and unraveling their true meaning. “Even though not all of my songs are about me, they are all still me because I put so much of my heart into each story. My style is just me!”

And her style shines through on her new single “Bad Addiction,” a song she describes as fun yet, like all things Kylie, it’s loaded with emotion. “The song was inspired by the death of Whitney Houston,” she says. “I actually wrote it on the day she died because my parents were telling me about her life and how she got involved with the wrong guy. The song is about a girl who is caught up with this guy that she knows is bad for her -- he's her ‘Bad Addiction’. The song itself is fun and sassy and it makes you want to dance but beware, because I have hidden meanings everywhere!”

But not all of the meanings in Kylie’s songs are so discreet. From the girl empowerment anthem “Wanted” to the anti-bullying-themed “Clique” to the bittersweet “First Love,” Kylie Odetta tells stories, stirs emotions and teaches lessons in a clear and precise manner.

An accomplished pianist (she’s played since she was six), a prolific songwriter (she’s penned over 100 tunes) a dynamic performer (“I think it’s such a rush!,” she says) Kylie is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, eager to share her gift and her joy with the world. She clearly has no time for waffling. “I will never stop working for this,” she affirms. “I will never not do music. I feel so blessed to have done some of the amazing things I have already accomplished.” She adds, “I don't want to have to make it as a mega star by being some lunatic; I want to stay true to who I am.”

And Kylie knows -- without a shadow of a doubt -- exactly who she is: A dynamic singer who is destined to be a big star.

Make that a really, really big star.



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