The Loud Outfit, Drace, DJ Black Guy

The Loud Outfit

The Loud Outfit is the joint collaborative work of multimedia artists Ben Stein and Brady Georgen. A combination of live audio and video production, the two slice musical genres and visual formats, remixes and mashups.


DJ Black Guy

DJ Black Guy is a controversial DJ and Multimedia Producer who wears his open format title like a badge of honor, showcasing his unorthodox, genre jumping, by any means necessary style of DJ-ing. Being a filmmaker and video editor prior to becoming a DJ has allowed him to take a more experimental, creative approach to VJ-ing. Rather than just mixing popular music videos, he mixes popular culture, using a wide variety of video media to create his own video edits and perform live video remixes and mashups. DJ Black Guy's, dedication to his craft matched with seemingly limitless creativity, will certainly allow him to remain a fresh, and unique fixture in the Live entrainment scene of STL and beyond.



Free show for persons over 21 with a valid ID Minors must pay a $3 Surcharge

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