It's a respect issue and growing up in Queens, NY you either have to kill or be killed. EMMURE have embraced this ideology and have grown stronger as a result. However, instead of taking out their aggressions in negative ways they channeled their collective angst into their music to create a propulsive blend of unabashed aggression and intensity that the youth across the world embrace with open arms.

EMMURE keep it simple and straight-forward, but this coupled with vocalist Frankie Palmeri's brutal openness and honesty connects to people on a level that few others can. Everyone has demons and dark sides to their lives, but this group shows that everyone deals with these types of issues and that there are productive ways to let it all out. EMMURE have gained the loyalty of the metal community and legions of rabid fans, but make no mistake if you disrespect them you will be left sleeping with the fishes.

Born Of Osiris


Now, this self proclaimed "genre" began as a joke. It was a shot at everyone who puts forth effort in the attempts of convincing others that something is "this, not that." Right out of the gate, we were labeled "Deathcore". We disagree (and this alone is sure to spur some butthurt arguments.) So, I said "we aren't inspired by death, we are inspired by life." And the satirical idea of Lifecore was born - it was not until later that it developed an actual meaning.
Also, self proclaiming ourselves Lifecore was a good way to see if people actually bite the ideas of others as often as we think.
With that said, if you hear/see anyone claiming to be "Lifecore", kindly tell them that you believe "Defilercore" would be more appropriate.

Project Cole Patterson

To Be Announced Soon!

Project Cole Patterson

To Be Announced Soon!

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