Sons of Cream

Ginger Baker's son Kofi, along with Jack Bruce's son Malcolm, team up with guitarist Godfrey pay humble tribute to one of the world's greatest power trio: The "Cream".

The Cream were undeniably the first rock "supergroup" of the 1960s. Although they were together for less than 3 years, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton left a gigantic impression on the world of rock music forever.

The pulsing, sonic energy of classic Cream shines through when Sons of Cream takes the stage. Baker's drumming is polyrhythmic and strong, driving the songs with an almost orchestral power and Bruce's vocals are sultry -- reminiscent of early Mick Jagger, his guitar work is sophisticated. The band is making their own mark and they're ready to bathe in the sunshine of your love.

Michael Morrow

Upcoming CD entitled 'Hard Rock Countryfied Blues' really embodies a lot of different influences in my writing. I think my songs have a certain Aerosmith/ZZtop songwriting style but you can definitely hear the KISS influence. Yet, there is a southern rock vibe to the whole thing.


World Famous Johnsons (WFJ) are an original rock band founded in 2010 by guitar player Julian Anderson (1963 - 2012) from Dogs of Pleasure. The current WFJ lineup sometimes features Matthew Johnson on guitar/vocals formerly of Great White, along with Scott Parker on bass/vocals, Shane Delray on guitar/vocals, Scooter Kennedy on guitar from Lola Black, Jimmy D on drums, and Justin Conant on vocals. WFJ have also featured Jimmy Strickler, Kenny Swagger, Mike Crisler, Ace Johnson and Donnie Crisp on recorded material. After the release of the full length CD "Hitchhiking is Overrated" at the Gothic Theatre on December 1st 2012 and numerous shows, the World Famous Johnsons are now in the studio writing and recording more musical works including (Long Way Gone) a song by Julian Anderson. The first recorded song "All Ready Dead" is available for a limited time free download and new releases are set for the near future! The World Famous Johnsons as a collective have shared the stage with multiple national touring bands and artists including Jack Russell's Great White, George Lynch, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde, XYZ, Lola Black, Saigon Kick, Love/Hate, I Mother Earth, Nuclear Assault, Omen, Mind Bomb, Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis, L.A. GUNS, Lizzy Borden, Warner Drive, Quiet Riot and many more... RULA BULA!! WFJ

Petals Of Spain

"...a cultivated sophistication rare in such music these days."
-Tom Murphy, "Critic's Choice," Denver Westword Music

A blend of musical influences pulled from almost every genre imaginable, Petals of Spain will leave you humming their tunes as you leave the venue. The real centerpiece of this group is the thoroughly original composition and arrangements, pushing the pop idiom to entirely new plateaus.

"I highly recommend experiencing this band, live!”
-Michael Orton, Colorado Music Buzz

"...they brought the place to its knees...”
"Petals of Spain are consummate entertainers."
-Kiernan Maletsky, Westword Music Blogs

driftin suns

The Driftin Suns, located in Denver, Colorado are a unique Indi Rock presence bringing 35 years of collective experience to their fan base. We are dedicated to bringing back the spirit of venerated musical forms including funk, rock, metal and Latin inspired sound – all with an experimental flair. With original, electrifying progressions, and unexpected thought provoking lyric content, the energy we create inspires great vibration and uncontrollable dancing.

$10.00 - $15.00


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