A fundraiser for Infinite Love w. Space Monster, Headband Jam, Tronic Tribe, & Tim Kallevig

Space Monster

Space Monster is an original idea, nothing more than "music has no rules," so we have tried to combine as many different styles as we can grasp. For that reason we haven't been able to be consistently labeled but to be honest we mostly attract to blues, funk, jazz, ska, reggae, and good old rock and roll. But lets start this story - we're from St. Paul, Minnesota. We started playing music on top of a korean restaurant two years ago. John Hanson on drums, Chris Marti on guitar, then came Jon Housworth on bass guitar. Since that moment, we have been increasing our original repertoire of music - we have almost 3 hours of music we enjoy playing without breaks and can play our upcoming album front to back without a single REST. We've also rounded out our sound with Jeff Chous on keys/khaos pad, giving us new avenues to embark on our musical adventures. We're bringing our funky, spaced out jams to the Twin Cities - or your computer right now. Either way.

Headband Jam

been establishing themselves as a big part of the music scene in the twin cities and beyond. The group has made a name for themselves by having a close connection with their fans, putting on powerhouse shows, and dualing guitar sections that are undeniably face melting. HBJ's style can be described as fresh and ever changing, capturing the diverse interests of the band members while bringing a tight perfected sound for every music head to get down to. A potent blend of prog rock, funk, dance, and reggae keeps fans on their toes with anticipation for the next drop into something new.

Tronic Tribe

TronicTribe is a live electronic variety act from MPLS, MN. Using beats related to electronic music such as techno, house, and dubstep along with a live band, TronicTribe creates an insanely catchy and dynamically evolving set. Jamband meets dubstep meets funk. TronicTribe is going to find your musical vice and crank it till the juice starts flowing. TronicTribe features vocalist Jill Iverson on cover songs that are sure to have you breaking legs and singing along with all ya got. TronicTribe and TronicTribe Presents: promotes and supports mid-west regional music events and performances.

Tim Kallevig


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