Soap w. Special Guests O'Fosho

Imagine going to a double matinee showing of Led Zeppelin & P-Funk at Dream Theatre and then heading to an Amsterdam discotheque to dance til the sun came up. That's about as close as can be described without seeing Soap for yourself.

Like the band name, Soap’s music is undoubtedly fresh. With influences ranging from jazz, blues and funk to progressive, psychedelic and electronic, Soap skillfully fuses all of these genres into one – danceable rock. Set out to make every show inspiring, every note overflowing with energy and everybody move without remorse

Dance, rinse, repeat. Soap.


O'fosho has been bringing their brand of jam-based electronic blues funk to the Midwest for the last 3 years. With elements of blues, jazz,country,bluegrass, and edm, O'fosho looks to create a unique live experience shared by the musicians and audience. They have shared the stage with the likes of The Big Wu, Roster McCabe, SOAP,Kinetix, Gypsyfoot, Down Lo and have played at festivals such as Bella Vida, and Fiore, High Plains Fest, and the Big Wu Family Reunion. Look for their sophomore album to be released in the Summer of 2013 and a ton of more sho!s in a city near you!
O'fosho combines elements of blues and funk and mixes in a dash of electronic and bluegrass.


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$3 Rail Drinks and Tall Boy Cans 2 4 1 Admission w/College ID

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