The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

Every spring The Deli Mag organizes a fest involving many artists featured in their latest Year End Best of NYC Poll. It's called The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. - as in Best of Emerging Artists Fest!

Charles and Michael met at a Russian bath house in 2008. In their spare time they enjoy loitering around Coney Island and drinking Madeira in a Bushwick basement.


Manicanparty is an alternative pop group comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. Growing up in Minnesota they each found their own path to the arts. Pat did theater work and played in a number of indie bands, while Jess pursued songwriting and the guitar. In 2007 Patrick moved east attending the Hartt School where he studied acting. Jess hung back in Minnesota attending University of Minnesota and writing songs in her spare time but quickly joined Pat in Connecticut. There they began to compose music together creating a new and dynamic partnership. After Pat graduated they moved to Brooklyn, NY finding a home with Treehouse Recording Studios-AtWork Management where they perfected their distinct and fresh sound. Released under RPM MSC/ATWORK their debut single, "Rebels in the Light", caught the attention of both critics and listeners alike with its heavy use of tribal drums and chants, accentuated by Jessica's unique vocal tone. "Rebels in the Light" is the first single off the upcoming Manicanparty EP set to release late this summer.

CULTFEVER is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based musicians Tamara Jafar and Joe Durniak. Their self-titled and self-produced debut album, released November 1, 2011, has been rapidly generating buzz among indie music enthusiasts for its cinematic soundscapes and moments of unhinged romanticism. Within a week of its release music blogs such as The Kollection, Music Ninja, and Music Savage were among the many to hail the debut while veteran music journalist Lorraine Ali (Spin, LA Times, Rolling Stone) commended the album for being "cool and cohesive" and "sublime as it is dynamic." The glow of early reviews demonstrates a simple, essential truth about Cultfever: their strength is in their range.

Their talent for dynamic story-telling is clear from the moment the album opens with a dramatic drop into its first track, Knewyouwell. Ghostly, soaring vocals thread over and under frenetic synth lines and a pulsing beat which propels the escapist anthem towards a surprise break into starkness and sparcity.

The eight impeccably vivid tracks that follow present a refreshing and unruly inventiveness. Cultfever's songwriting harnesses a manic energy that explodes out of unexpected arrangements—it's addictive. In one instance, Farm, the duo weave together psych-rock guitar licks, marching boots, slide whistles, triumphant strings, home-made synths, horns, and quietly seductive—though at times violent—vocal stylings.

Cultfever's brand of genre-irreverant, intellectual-pop quirk generated "one hell of a debut" (Bowlegs Music Review).

The self-titled album is available online at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Clementine & Galaxy

Clementine & The Galaxy’s whirling blend of soaring vocals and synth-driven electronic pop has earned them a reputation as one of indie music’s fastest rising acts. The NYC-based duo of vocalist Julie Hardy and producer Mike MacAllister have only released a handful of Internet
singles – original tracks Crying My Whole Heart Out and Complication and a captivating cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box – but already critics such as Time Out New York, The Huffington Post, AOL Spinner and The Deli Magazine (which ranked the band one of their top Emerging Artists for 2012 and 2013) are taking notice. With the band’s self-titled debut EP set for release in April 2013, Clementine & The Galaxy is poised to become one of the years’ breakthrough artists.

The duo formed when Hardy, an in-demand session vocalist, and MacAllister, a composer for film and TV, worked together on a commercial project. During their collaboration the two discovered a shared musical sensibility and creative chemistry that eventually took shape in the form of
Clementine & The Galaxy.

"We were in the studio working on a few of Julie's songs,” explains MacAllister. “They were pretty firmly rooted in an indie-pop/singer-songwriter kind of place. When we started working on Crying My Whole Heart Out a whole new set of possibilities for our collaboration opened up. The song seemed to demand a treatment that was much more electronic than anything we had done before and soon after we finished recording the track, it was clear that this new direction was far cooler than our other material (which we quickly scrapped).”

Hardy continues “Clementine & The Galaxy is where Mike and I get to experiment, we get to cross lines we don’t usually get to cross and take the music to a stranger place. We’ve both done a lot of commercial work, which is great, but it’s for someone else. This music is wholeheartedly
ours. We make it to please ourselves, and we hope other people enjoy it too.”

Front-woman Julie Hardy is a professional singer who has performed live with Ellie Goulding on Saturday Night Live, St. Vincent on David Letterman, and in countless television commercials and films. A jazz vocalist by training, Hardy is a successful solo artist who has received rave reviews
from the New York Times, Time Out New York, Downbeat and Jazz Times. In addition to her work as a performer, Hardy also teaches Vocal Jazz at New York City’s prestigious The New School.

Clementine & The Galaxy owes its crisp and ethereal sonic architecture to producer/composer Mike MacAllister. MacAllister’s music has been featured in ads for XBox, Nike, and Levis, and has scored multiple films including "Freakonomics: The Movie" and "The Spirt of Laxmi," which
were selected to premier Tribeca Film Festival. He also plays guitar for NYC-based bands
Wishes and Thieves, Young Unknowns, and the Awakening Orchestra.

“Spacey, playfully proggy art pop in the Bowie lineage” – Time Out New York

“[Clementine & The Galaxy] knocked it out of the proverbial park” – Huffington Post

“This duo project between pitch perfect vocalist Julie Hardy and producer/guitarist Mike
MacAllister is set to blow up.” – The Deli Magazine

A talented keyboard player with a soft spot for Casio sounds, Stephanie Brown a.k.a Lips performed extensively in her native New Zealand before moving to New York and forming the soul blues act Fredericks Brown in 2007. In 2010 Brown decided to take the leap and make music in her own right.

Characterised by a giant pair of lips on legs, Lips is that solo persona. Having already won comparisons to the likes of Oh Land and Little Dragon, her's is a unique sound characterised by masterful songwriting and a sly sense of humor. Whether it's loneliness or love, anger of happiness, Brown has a knack for capturing the bittersweet nuances of life and putting them to song.

Having released an EP via Bandcamp in 2010, Brown has just released the track "Everything to me", which she describes as "an everyday account of needing to take a break from your everyday... and the deeper sentiment of supporting your loved ones through the hurdles that life throws at them".

As Lips, Brown's ability to both transfix and entertain make her a must see live act.

Kiss Slash Crooked Smile

As the nascent nu-pop underground digs its heels in deeper during 2013, Assaf Asi Spector , Yula Beeri and Stefan Baldasseroni's band Kiss Slash Crooked Smile should at least win the prize for most bizarre moniker. All genre classifications aside, KSCS's sold out audiences can testify to the fact that their music packs a beautiful crowd and gets them moving. Kiss Slash Crooked Smile is a straight up EDM trio with a virtuosic twist.

Melissa Czarnik

Melissa Czarnik's (aka MC) latest album, Non Merci earned her recognition from Deli Magazine as one of New York City's #1 Emerging Artists in Hip Hop. Her live show fuses elements of jazz, poetry and hip hop into an intimate performance that is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill, the Roots and Ani Difranco.

S & M

Sisters Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose Cagianese formed Frances Rose in 2009, yet they have been singing and playing music together their entire lives. The band materialized when the two moved in together to a tiny Lower East Side apartment filled with antique instruments and dried roses, and started writing and rehearsing their folk-influenced soul-pop in earnest. Their recently cut first single, "VAMPIRE," an upbeat, synth driven pop ballad, is infectious. They have also contributed their talents to other musical projects including string accompaniment for Lightspeed Champion, Moving Mountains, Will Tendy (Morningwood) and Hussle Club. With their debut single and video for VAMPIRE, as well as a forthcoming EP, titled 'UPSTATE', the sisters are showing both the breadth of their talent and the depth of their emotions in their moving, exciting electro-pop songs. FRANCES ROSE has arrived.



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