The Retinas

The Retinas

The Retinas grew from the four corners of Philadelphia, piercing through the concrete walls of an old basement, they exploded into the brick buildings and concrete stairwells of the city. They blend a new/old mix of the loud fast adage , keeping a refreshingly raw sound. With Tom and Jake being best friends and playing together since the young tikes their energy is enlightened and their melody tig
ht. With John and Anthony being old time playing buddies, the rhythm section of the band belts out a base for cities to be built and places to expand. These two likely groups of lads come together with their expierience and life and influences to give you color and light in your music. We are now The Retinas, welcome.

The Chelsea Kills

The Chelsea Kills are Philadelphia Garage Rock Music. Formed in August of 2010 from the ashes of the Philly rock band "Dope Sick Girls", the Chelsea Kills have recorded 1 full length album since the conception and gone through member changes. The current lineup provides a hypnotic bass and drum built backbeat under a spell of distorted guitars weaving through raw vocalizations of teenage angst with singable hooks and impressionable imagery. Recalling the sheer power of a 70's rock and roll band and the pop infused psych rock of the sixites; The Chelsea Kills play a modern rock devoted to the necessities of the beat and the hook presented in the rawest, most heartfelt manner possible in this day and age.
The lyrics wind through slums of love and through the daily anxieties and textures of modern teenage nihilism, but all centering around the power of youth. Love them, or leave them alone, The Chelsea Kills are here for your listening pleasure.

Circadian Frequency

A self-reliant, three pieced attack on your native sub-genre.
Our sounds in three words:
More saga than song. We write comic inspired, episodic chapters....
These ...AQUANAUTIC TALES... are released in the order they are discovered.
Publicly displayed as often as possible without pause or hesitation.
Consult your manuals for the next appearance.

$8.00 - $10.00


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