High Features

High Features

In 2009 a group of BROTHERS starting a hip hop group known as Denver City Movement (D.C.M). Mastermind, D.C., and C-Lew came together to freestyle over random instrumentals and make music just for fun. As skills progressed the group decided to take a different approach and change their name in 2010 to "The Jet Son's" after being highly influenced by the cartoon series "The Jet Son's" as children. This name stood with the group most of 2010 and into 2011. After about 9 months of music absence from "The Jet Son's" due to living arrangements and long distance complications, "The Jets Son's" decided to take another shot trying to make music and completely changed their approach and direction for yet a second time and finally formed the group you see today - High Features - in 2012. the group who originally consisted of D.C., C-Lew, and Mastermind had opened up their doors for two more members A.W. and Daniel Carrillo. This team of M.C's with their D.J./Producer are working hard to be that extra something Denver, Colorado has needed to help show their is quality hip hop out here. Lets Go C.O. this is "High Features" and "High Features" is FAMILY!!!

Kruza Kid

Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging several musical genres into one thumping package. Kruza Kid's energy is the culmination of influences in rap, reggae, dub, jazz, and a dusting of EDM, giving his performance an eclectic flavor in a world full of bland generics. Once the microphone is picked up, prepare yourself for a raw and intimate experience that offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of someone who truly appreciates music in all forms, and wants nothing more than to share that lifestyle with you. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless.

A Black Day

Some of Colorado Springs finest join minds and talent for this project. Milogic from the SoundPowered Engine Crew, Hott from the Audible Crew, JayOin from The Mad Trees Crew and Ahmad Mitchell from the Fidel RedStar Crew. This project is about unity and being able to work together no matter what crew you are from.


Solterra is a four piece band that currently resides in Denver, Colorado. The band released their debut album Soul, Earth, Sun on February 28th 2012, and their follow-up EP Umbra on November 6th, 2012. and can both be downloaded for free here: http://solterra.bandcamp.com.
They are currently looking for new show prospects and management.

Solterra strives to create fresh and unheard soundscapes in their music by combining instruments into a fusion of progressive instrumental music. The music knows no limits because the band chooses to explore many genres, and weave in and out of
many different emotions in their songs. Each song attempts to provide the listener with a unique listening experience.

$3.00 - $6.00


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