The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

Every spring The Deli Mag organizes a fest involving many artists featured in their latest Year End Best of NYC Poll. It's called The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. - as in Best of Emerging Artists Fest!

Great Elk

"I genuinely appreciate when a band can power bomb your ear drums."

- from The Wild Honey Pie review of Great Elk at Bowery Ballroom 12/1/12.

The Stationary Set

The Stationary Set had a very simple idea when it finally solidified: to write songs of a greater nature that it found appealing and attainable without sacrificing any content, without dumbing anything down or being afraid to be loud or blatant. It sought to make the "pop" in "pop music" not such a dirty word.

Grouping together an EP of songs, the band laid down the doormat for its home in the indie/pop realm in 2008. Several tours and elbow to elbow shows in NYC and Brooklyn later, The Stat. Set came up for air with a treasure chest of new thought and new songs, a sampling of which were recorded in studios, practice rooms and ghost houses in August 2009. Virally melodic and epic in nature, The Stationary Set have injected elements into the traditional 4-minute pop song that today's indie-rock fandom haven't heard in a long time.

Julian Fulton + The Zombie Gospel

Julian Fulton, like the preliminary rumblings of a revoltionary howl, is demanding to be heard. The young songsmith and multi-instrumentalist has been working tirelessly for nearly a decade to develop as a poet and a musician. The result – his very own rock and roll tour-de-force stemming from the humblest of Jersey Shore origins, and an archive of songs vast in both musical and intellectual influences. These songs are in a constant battle between their peculiar and infectious natures. Besides being a rare and rich amalgamation, this combination also has the ability to draw listeners in (and once your attention has been captured, good luck looking away). You’ll quickly discover that Julian Fulton’s music is indeed worthy of its praise, everlasting in its artistry, and unpredictable in its progression.

His band, The Zombie Gospel, began as an idea rather than an actual band, and so it has evolved in that fashion. The idea: music without boundaries. A constantly evolving rock and roll ensemble. No minimum number of musicians, and certainly no maximum. In fact, it’s this format that has allowed Fulton to adhere to no one genre or sound. Ultimately, this freedom results in one high-energy, take-no-prisoners style of performance so gripping and unapologetic that seldom do you ever see a still body or smile-less face in the audience.

The struggles have been plentiful. However, since his first show with The Zombie Gospel, Julian Fulton has already played a major music festival (The Bamboozle Festival), been named the #1 Songwriter in the NYC area by The Deli Magazine, been nominated for Best Indie Rock Band (Asbury Music Awards) and earned himself the admiration of music hungry teenagers, indie music buffs, and middle-aged adults alike, all yearning to hear something rare and intoxicating. Through these people’s love for the music, Fulton was able to single-handedly raise the necessary funds to produce their debut EP (Heart & Arms), throw a sold out release show, and accomplish feats that would be more evenly distrubuted between at least ten different people.

Quite simply, Julian Fulton, as backed by his assembly of offbeat musicians, is hoping to overcome his humble suburban origins whilst encouraging the free thinking, free living righteousness of any hopeful mind and soul. This struggle has consistently remained the backbone of their music. It is also helping them to garner the affections of an always-growing audience, both impressed and intrigued by this ‘little big band.’ -G.W.


Streets of Laredo

Streets of Laredo are a Brooklyn based indie-folk outfit from NZ. TALK: LISTEN: WATCH: SUPPORT US

Derrick & The Black Sea

Derrick and The Black Sea is the result of two hard rock musicians, looking for a musical change, coming together at the right time in their lives. After touring with Death in the Park, Derrick Karg took time away from the scene to reflect and write, and found himself working on boats in Maine, as a deckhand. Being isolated in a small town in the winter of 2009 was just what he needed to clear his mind and get started in a new musical direction. At the same time , Richard Ruggiero, having played in the NYC new wave band Group Sounds, and after touring with The Fever, was also ready for something new, so the by the time the two met, the scene was perfectly set. After playing together for several months, as two guitars and a voice, they were introduced to James Yu, whose violin perfectly filled the sound, and their songs of loss and the fragility of hope took shape.



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