In 1947, the late Dutch-American astronomer Dr. Bart J. Bok was researching an unusual formation in space. Unlike most formations, Dr. Bok discovered sufficient traces of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur forming dozens of complex molecules. Thorough research of the formation revealed that the roughly spherical region of the gas cloud would eventually extend over a distance about 7,000 times that of Earth's orbit around the Sun, then instantaneously implode and create four super musicians on earth.
Dr. Bok, called the phenomenon "Mushege," a native American term that meant "wild with madness," because that was the nature of the formation. Dr. Bok felt a bizarre connection with formation, and predicted that the Mushege implosion would eventually mark his death.

Sure enough, the phenomenon Mushege occurred the same day Dr. Bart J. Bok was found dead on his basketball court next to his dead gay wolf. Astronomers said their telescopes detected a radial flow of the tracer molecules, arising primarily from the outer parts of the collapsing cloud that extended a beam to planet earth, yielding four subjects.

The subjects were kept under close observation. They had remarkable orbs of rotating matter around them astronomers called "begaafdhied muziek," the Dutch term for "musical talent."

Early in the 21st century, to the observatory's demise, Mushege unleashed their musical fury on the astronomers penetrating nearly 5000 ear holes. They broke out, and now they play around Denver, and continue to penetrate ear holes with awesomeness!

Red Stinger

RED STiNGER is the epitome of existencial. Bred from humble punk rock beginnings, early metal rage, and hip-hop hysteria this intriguing foursome knows no limits to thier uncanny music. Maybe a style all their own, maybe just a blended brand of regurgitated music that somehow touched their soul. It's not so easy trying to test the hands of time. Music is forever changing and will never be the same. Though somehow strangley through during the epidemic of our lives we all must make a choice.... to ROCK? or not to ROCK? What is your answer....
Red Stinger ..

Hot Apostles

Mix 2 parts rhythmic precision, 1 part screaming guitar solos, add in the flair and style of piano and organ and wrap it up in a strong captivating vocal with a pretty smile and you have Hot Apostles. (Tequila optional but advised).
With their self titled debut album released to the public in 2013 and now a limited edition colored vinyl ready to hit the streets, Hot Apostles show no signs of cooling down. Since their Denver dive bar birth in late 2011, lead singer Eryn Swissdorf and guitarist/back up vocalist Tay Hamilton have honed their songwriting and vocal harmonizing skills to a sharp point. They pull influences from country, alternative, southern rock and punk but at the same time are none of these things entirely. If you ask any member they will simply say “Rock n Roll”. Backed by Denver music scene veterans Stephen Brooks (drums) and Roqui Lluma (bass), Hot Apostles also have a unique sound delivered to the mix with keyboardist and virtuoso Jared Fisher rocking their left flank. With their musical creations locked and loaded, Hot Apostles have their sights set on hitting the road as much as possible and getting back into the studio. If you are in the Denver area, you may just come across one of them handing out flyers, stickers, download cards or shots of tequila if you are nice. If you are somewhere else in the world, keep an eye out because they will be there soon as well.

The Portrait

The Portrait is a three-piece rock band hailing from Denver Colorado. Forming after the projects of the past failed to meet the musical needs of these driven musicians.

Fun, Fast and Furious is The Portrait’s motto and they live up to it on record and with their live shows; bringing you hard hitting energetic drumming, aggressive yet catchy vocals, bass and guitar synchronizing with riffs that will fill your musical taste buds with a mixture of Blues, Country and Hard Rock.

This "Punk Rock Country" band will keep you on your toes as they pull you through each song of their set with a very diverse sound.

The Portrait consists of Alan Baird (Vocals/Guitar), Joel Matthews (Drums) both stemming from The Alan Baird Project, and Troy Ten Eyck on Bass from Be The Ant.

You can be sure you will see these guys filling up all of the popular clubs and festivals this summer in Denver as well as the surrounding cities.


We are a band from the city of Denver...Represent. We play on a regular basis and have been recording ourselves. It's grueling but we're learning some cool stuff in the process. Although from different backgrounds we find a lot of common ground musically and as friends. Its been almost a year since the four of us started playing together. Music is a pulse from a being everyone can feel. We are all connected through this pulse. We're not at all concerned with the bars and barricades that seem to be associated with today's music... we play what and how we feel all the time and love doing it. We love the grittiness that comes out of just being a human being and making noise with our friends..... we love feedback even if it's good or bad, it helps us to know what you (the people) like and what you can't stand.... that way we can continue to make music for everybody. We thank all of our friends and family for the enormous amount of support and who are helping us through the learning process. Until the sun burns out.



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