CANCELLED - The Local Before We Go Global Wrap Up w/ ASAP, Y-Jay, Fame, ForWordMuzik, JayKay, Spaceship Posse, T.H.C. & Jon Steele

Y-Jay is an up and coming lyricist from Denver, Colorado and the next monster from the well-known 8th ElemEnt Entertainment Label. Joining the crew at 16, Jay is very much a product of the “8thy” lifestyle and possesses the potential to reach completely new heights for himself and his organization. Jay got into music and rhyming at a very young age, has been grooming and refining his abilities for many years now and is really hitting his stride.

Y-Jay debuted on “When Gr8 Minds Collide”, a duo project with label mate and close friend: Fame. This rugged yet subtle mixtape release caught fire locally and thrust both counterparts head first into stardom amongst the Denver music scene. Not long after the project was released, Y-Jay & Fame entered Colorado Music Buzz’ “Bandwagon” competition, a live performance contest typically not geared towards Hip-Hop music, and at 17 years old, they placed in the top 5 out of over 100 local acts. Y-Jay has been featured on 303 TV, & several mixtapes and albums. He has also performed live all over Colorado and in a number of other states.

Y-Jay’s debut solo project: “Lost in my Rhymes” is nearing completion and will be hitting the streets soon. Previews of the project can be found online and the anticipation is building. Fans all across the 8th fan base are clamoring for a peek at what Jay has up his sleeve, and their wish is soon to be answered. The project has a very “new school” feel and features several well-known artists including Mista Poedic, Quija, & Fame.

Dubbed by those close to him as “the future”, because so much of it will revolve around him, keep your eyes peeled for everything to come from Y-Jay and the next generation of his and his team’s movement. Jay’s time to shine is almost here and you better believe he won’t disappoint.

Up and coming artist on the 8th Element Entertainment label. From Fort Collins, CO.


ForWordMuzikEnt consist of local talent from Denver, CO artist are Fresh, N.G., Muzak, Young D, and Myles Drew


JayKay’s music is an eclectic mix of club-thumping party tunes and soulful ballads. His close harmonies are seductive while his instrumentals heat up the dance floor. His early musical influences include artists Boys II Men, Take 6, Michael Jackson and several salsa and meringue musicians.

JayKay’s father was a preacher and his mother was the driving force behind his development as a musician. She encouraged him to study the piano and train his vocal chords from a very early age and he honed his talents in the church choir. As a child, JayKay lived on a number of the Antillean Islands and in various South American countries while his father traveled the globe spreading the word. While attending a Venezuelan boarding school, JayKay developed his dance technique and taught himself how to beatbox and rap in several languages. In addition, JayKay was a talented basketball player and at one point considered pursuing his athletic ambitions.

Although he had a number of talents as a young man, he solidified his career as an entertainer when he first experienced the thrill of performing on stage with his close harmony group “Just 4 You”. As JayKay’s fan base on the Antilles grew, so did his aspirations. It was time for JayKay to find a bigger stage. In two months time, JayKay and his group organized a Gospel event to raise the necessary funds to make his next move. With over 2500 attendees, the event was a huge success and JayKay was able to move to The Netherlands with the other members of his harmony group.

Once in The Netherlands, JayKay and his group won the local “World Music” contest and JayKay enrolled in the Rotterdam Conservatoire. However, before he could finish the Rotterdam Conservatoire curriculum his girlfriend signed him up for the hit television show Idols. With his unique style of singing and uncompromising urban style JayKay placed third!

Following his success in the Netherlands, JayKay boarded a plane to Miami to begin the next chapter of his life. Currently residing in Los Angeles, JayKay has collaborated with several producers such as German producer Axel Konrad who stands for various worldwide hits, American producer Stephen Singer who has been involved in countless chart-hits, Colombian producer German Ortiz who has produced many Latin hits, just to name a few. Also JayKay has produced, written and collaborated numerous songs with different English, Spanish and Dutch artists.

His first worldwide single “Princess” was released in the summer of 2010 and it topped numerous charts around the world...

In the fall of 2011 JayKay will be releasing two brand new singles featuring multi platinum recording artists: "What The Girls Like" Ft Flo Rida & Smokey, "Weekend (Wicked Wow)" Carolina Marquez Vs. JayKay Ft. Lil Wayne & Glasses Malone...

JayKay is taking it to another level !

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