The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

The Deli NYC BEAF Fest

Every spring The Deli Mag organizes a fest involving many artists featured in their latest Year End Best of NYC Poll. It's called The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. - as in Best of Emerging Artists Fest!

So So Apropos

Lisa Jaeggi sings/howls, plays a Danelectro and has very dancey feet. Sharon Raizer proudly holds a double World Record for "Most Kickass Drummer in a Band" and "Prettiest Eyes". Amir Landa has a gorgeous instrument and knows every Nirvana bass line. Ever. Together they get wild.

Lora Faye

With a deep understanding of the power in the strange and idiosyncratic in American folk and rock traditions, Brooklyn native Lora Faye draws from such disparate sources as Gillian Welch and Jeff Buckley, Blind Willie Johnson and Anais Mitchell, Andy Warhol and Nina Simone. While there is an undeniable political and intellectual bent to the project, the songs themselves run completely on raw and untethered emotion. In 2012 alone, Lora Faye's songwriting won her such accolades as the Grand Prize Award at NPR's Mountainstage NewSong Contest, Hudson Valley Songfest's "Best New Artist," and a winning slot at The New Jersey Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition. Lora Faye performs her energetic live show with a cast of jazz musicians, untrained folkies, opera singers, and everything in between.

Influenced by the likes of Austra, Nick Drake and Cat Power, New York-based Wilsen blend contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full intricate sound tagged "dream folk".

Wilsen self-released their debut mini-album 'Sirens' in the summer of 2012. Their debut single 'Anahita' was released in February 2013.

"'Anahita' is an elaborate and intricate track that grows from a fragile four-minutes of plaintive vocals and sparse instrumentation, into the kind of heart-racing build that would send Explosions In The Sky back to the drawing board." (This Is Fake DIY)

"...('Sirens') manages to be so patient, every musical move so careful that it almost feels like you aught to not move while listening. There’s a darkness equally with that fragility and the instrumentation is at the beck and call of the negative spaces in all the songs. It is space that need not be filled, but indeed is intoxicating for repeated listens." (Listen Before You Buy)

“This is a journey and a rather wondrous one at that.” (Breaking More Waves)

“Heavy on atmosphere and loaded with an understanding of dynamics and fine details that most bands can only hope to develop.” (Wears The Trousers)

“... “Without a doubt it’s Tamsin Wilson’s voice that’s the captain of this ship, but the arrangement behind her is just as exquisite in it’s well-scripted restraint. A light repeating guitar line sets the gauzy lovelorn mood, soft drums heighten the ominous feel, all blending with her voice into a beauty both elegant and moonlit." (Their Bated Breath)

Download 'Anahita' & b-side 'Lady Jane' from the Wilsen Bandcamp page:

St. Claire

Having come to Brooklyn by way of Europe, California, New England and their native state of Ohio, sister and brother Emily and Glenn Forsythe are the indie folk band St. Claire. Joined by Amelia Emmet (from Thick Wild) and Michael Howard, St. Claire weaves thick, hushed harmonies together with ambient layers of sound made of instruments new and old. Emily's voice reaches over anthem-like rhythms, delivering soulful, somber melodies and lyrics full to the brim with alluring images and stories. St. Claire is currently working on their follow up record to their debut album "Everyone Lives Here."


Sami Akbari is a yet-uncrowned indie-pop princess. With a voice as rich and sharp as dark chocolate and songwriting skills to match the best of them, she is a promising young artist. A full head shorter than her bandmates, what Sami lacks in stature she makes up for in sass and a soulful talent.
- Jezebel Music


1st album "Where to?" available in France : Kiddo, young indie/folk singer-songwriter who plays guitar, is about to release her first album. New single "Fix me" available:


For anyone missing the endless summer, Basinger (previously known as Makeout Room) is here to bring the beach. Just try and not get lost in the skyscraper crooning of tracks 'Rehobeth' or 'Going to California.' The Brooklyn quartet describes their music as ethereal sounds, and are set to release their debut EP later this year. Hoping the good weather keeps up until then. - Mike Levine



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