EYE OF THE STONED GOAT 2013 with Lo Pan, Gozu, Black Black Black, Supermachine

Lo Pan

Lo-Pan is a band. Can you deal with that?

Gozu first appeared on the scene in 2008 with the the release of their seven track EP. Consisting of members of bands such as Wargasm and Triphammer, Gozu laid down the rock but also brought the groove on songs such as the human-empowerment anthem "Rise Up" and D.A.R.E.-baiting "Meth Cowboy". Fronted by the man with a plan, Marc Gaffney, aka Gaff, who has the pipes Chris Cornell used to possess before he started modeling men's cologne, Gozu plays the sort of rock tailor made to be blasted out on radio airwaves nationwide, ala early Queens of the Stone Age. It's the kind of rock music that pulls up alongside you while you're walking down the street minding your own business, demands that you "get in the f@*ing car", proceeds to drive 90 mph down the wrong side of the highway, and then drops you off miles from home at some abandoned rest stop.

Black Black Black


Wasted Theory


Geezer is the (anti)band... not interested in winning any fashion contest, we just lay down grooves that make you shake your ass down to the barrelhouse to get drunk, get laid and get into a fight...

In the fall of 2010, Pat Harrington and Chris Turco started to get together for some loose jams. Quickly they realized that they had the same musical influences and approach. Harnessing their familiar background of classic rock, hardcore and heavy metal; throw in Pat’s affinity for pre-war slide-guitar blues and Geezer was born. Once the songs started to take shape, Freddy Villano was brought in to bring the monster low-end bass that he is known for.

Geezer's debut, Handmade Heavy Blues is creating an electric buzz and has been colorfully described as, "“Smoke-tinged vocals, orange amped guitars and hard rhythms combine to form a sound like Charley Patton getting into a fist fight with Junior Kimbrough over who gets the last bottle of hooch in an old liquor store.”: Lucas Klaukien @ Stoner Hive

Wizard Eye

Named after a never-ending storm on the surface of Neptune and inspired by a love of rock, metal, psychedelia, doom and riffs, the Philadelphia-based band formed in late 2007. The group proceeded to write songs, play shows and go through changes. The trio presently comprises three like-minded brethren with two decades of music under their collective belts. Erik sings, plays guitar and occasionally works a theremin. Dave sings and plays bass. Scott plays drums.


lord Fowl



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