Mad Conductor, Aloha Broha, All Rise, Madison Lewis (of Rekless Youth)

Mad Conductor

Mad Conductor is a studio duo/6 piece band based in New Orleans, LA/Pennsylvania, founded in 2005 by lead vocalist and chief song-writer MC Devlin and acclaimed producer and studio engineer Dan McKinney, recording all albums in his Center Valley, PA based studio. Playing an eclectic amalgamation of styles with roots based on hip-hop back-beat and vocal delivery, the live band uses drum-kit, bass and electric guitar - played both naturally and with heavy effects, synthesizer, electric piano and organ, trombone, saxophone, which are also often run through psychedelic effect processes, even the vocals, mostly rapped, sometimes sung, are subject to effectery, all in order to capture the madness that is the near-inimitable studio sound of Mad Conductor - known for complex and original production technique, having first made a name as the recording duo, then branching out to form the full live band - touring internationally since 2006, having done shows all across America, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and continuing to spread their sound across the world!

Aloha Broha

Aloha Broha is a punk band that leans to the pop-punk side of things.

All Rise

All Rise is a three piece hardcore street punk band, that is nationally known. With extreme stage presence for a 3 piece band, everything is brutal as can be. With the anger and the truth of the band it's hard not to listen and not want to completely throw down, or throw up. Up the punx and support your scene.

Madison Lewis (of Rekless Youth)

rekless youth is a charlotte power trio that excites with every note, tight in sound and loose in character. when talents combine, our individual styles blend into a supersonic soundscape that has the ability to make you move. we are three little dudes that bring one hell of a big sound!

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