Wise Blood (Album Release Party!)

Wise Blood (Album Release Party!)

Wise Blood is Chris Laufman, a young guy who lives in Pittsburgh and makes woozy, inward pop songs out of other people's music. Laufman's voice is usually the only original element in Wise Blood's songs. But Laufman's sample manipulation can turn something like the brontosaurus-stomp drums from Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" into just one element of a funky swirl of a track. To hear Laufman tell it, he'd like to take over pop music completely in the next year or so. The first step in that campaign: a self-titled five-song EP up for free download on Wise Blood's Bandcamp page.

"With R&B production work for an aspiring vocalist as the spark for their initial collaboration, Chicago musicians Jeremiah Chrome and Brandon Boom began working together as The-Drum at the tail end of 2010. Thankfully, while that initial project never bore fruit, a more personal, creative partnership bloomed from its foundering. The duo found their voice and began producing tracks that showcased their own refined strain of R&B; a smooth hybrid of ominous, chopped vocal samples, synths, and deep bellowing bass."

Pegasus Warning

PEGASUS WARNING's visually stimulating show combines energetic vocals, hard-hitting drums, and synth-laden, bass-shaking, electronic sounds to create raw emotion-filled pop songs.

$10.00 - $12.00

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