Sulfur, MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel), Johnny Prophet, LyrEkal, Dabtune


Sean Church (AKA Sulfur) is a MC, producer, instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC.� He was born in the wilds and raised by rabid wolves.� He developed the ability to move things with his mind after ingesting water for several years that had been tainted by radioactive waste from the nearby Nuclear Power Plant.� He speaks 145 languages, plays 38 different instruments, spent several years as a mercenary and, despite being vegan, insists on eating the bodies of any humans he murders.

MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel)

Born and raised in the South, MC Stealth uses her southern roots to make a combo of blues, hip-hop, and folk rock fusion, and will capture your heart with her honest energy and love for making music.


LyrEkal's love for music began at the early age of 5 when he started singing in the church choir. Once in high school he began writing poetry which then led to song writing as well. His style is a blend of R&B and hip hop with most of his songs written in story mode so as to better capture listeners and to have them relate to the songs. His lyrics all have meaning, with most of them pertaining to past experiences in his life. In addition to writing, LyrEkal also produces most of his own beats for his songs.


instrumental trip hop from Nathan Hemphill of Human Pippi Armstrong

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