“Cerebral yet accessible, …Rioux crafts elaborate, dream-like productions with organic instrumentation.” -- The Creatorʼs Project

“Riouxʼs production swiftly glides through a number of musical movements...” -- XLR8R

Erin Rioux (pronounced ree-yoo) is an electronic psychedelic record producer, performer, curator, and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work under his last name merges organic instrumentation with technology in a rhythmic and cerebral sonic environment.

Kuhrye-oo is a luscious beat project from Calvin McElroy. Calvin is closely linked to Canadian bands Born Gold and Purity Ring. It could be the fact that he is a member of Born Gold and opened for Purity Ring in the past. Unlike his fellow hyperactive band friends, Calvin plays with chilling electronic pulses.
Deviating from the futuristic electro-pop fans have come to associate with Born Gold, Kuhrye-oo creates its own identity, constructing an eclectic sound encompassing aspects ranging from the soaring roves of experimental to the hip-swinging inducibility of R&B
New York's UNO released three electronic edits by Kuhrye-oo. One of the tracks include a dark moody take on Rose Royce's "Love Don't Live Here”.

kuxxan SUUM

Kuxan Suum...
according to discoveries about the Classic Maya, is what connects us to the sun/moon/stars, and thus, the galactic core, Hunab Ku.

In this day and age, it may be difficult for people to resonate, or meditate, deep enough to understand this tradition of galactic communication.
In fact, the mind and solar-plexis of the current human being may not be able to harness or comprehend the vibrations necessary to communicate with the galactic core.

The artist, kuxxan SUUM, is inspired by this mystic galactic tradition/human- communicative-trait.The artist puts contemporary and antiquated sounds of the human race in a musical space that reflects and raises awareness of this lost connection with the average person and Hunab Ku.

To contact the artist, kuxxan SUUM, for live performances, remix inquiries, film scoring, commercial usage, etc..use...

To contact/learn about Kuxan Suum and the mysteries of Mayan Civilizations/Mathematics/Astrology/Astronomy, investigate the works of Jose Arguelles and other Mayan Historians.


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