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(ARTIST CANCELED) Carnage The Executioner

Carnage has earned his stripes over the last 10 years building an undeniable resumé. Touring with the likes of Atmosphere and Eyedea & Abilities enabled Carnage to steal the hearts of countless rap fans around the world. As an experienced beat boxer, he instructs others on how to use the body as an instrument. Referring to Carnage's beat boxing abilities, a writer from Minneapolis Star Tribune said, "his mouth might be the best drummer in town" in 2011.

When it is time to perform live shows, Carnage brings the heavy artillery: he comes armed with two microphones, a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, a Digitech Vocal 300 Effects Processor, a small case of percussion instruments, boundless energy and a commanding stage presence. Carnage constructs complex multi-layered soundscapes from the ground up with breath-taking accuracy. He then proceeds to rap, harmonize and vocal-scratch over his backdrops with intensity and showmanship that is difficult to put into words...So it must be witnessed first-hand!

Carnage made his first appearance on an album release in 1996 on Minnesota's first full-length compilation, "The Collective", then going by the name T-Swift. Shortly after changing his name, Carnage began making waves on the local MN scene and nationally. Carnage, along with his former group, The SWEEPS released "Bootleg Tracks From Junkion EP in 2001". The greater Hip-Hop world heard Carnage on Eyedea's "The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart Or How I One The Write To Think" album (Rhymesayers Entertainment) on the track, "Coaches" in 2002. The SWEEPS went on to release the "Foreign Genetics" full-length album in 2003. Eyedea & DJ Abilities invited Carnage to join them on their opus, "E&A" where Carnage appeared the track, "Star Destroyer" in 2004.

Carnage independently funded and oversaw the release of his first solo, unofficial album, "The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP" on his own label, Hecatomb Industries in 2004. Carnage released his first full-length solo debut album, "Sense Of Sound" independently on Hecatomb Industries in 2007.

Carnage, with the help of independent Hip-Hop label called Fill In The Breaks, released "Respect The Name" in 2012. His artistic growth is notable and only shows his progression into a potent storyteller. In 2011, Carnage and Fill In The Breaks released "Worth The Wait", which was listed as one of 'The Best Albums Of 2011' in the Star Tribune. This article said that Carnage is "…busy proving why he should be called the most skillful emcee in MN".

Carnage collaborates with Hip-Hop/spoken word artist Desdamona to form Ill Chemistry. Ill Chemistry released their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album in January 2012 on French Jazz music label, Nato/Hopestreet Records. Ill Chemistry played the well-attended Sons d'hiver Music Festival as well as touring Europe multiple times to support their album.

Carnage has shared stages with such heavyweights as KRS-ONE, The RZA, Method Man, Yelawolf, Guru of Gangstarr, Too $hort, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali and more.

Travellers Music

Travellers Music is a diverse independent hip-hop collective known for attacking a wide variety of subject matter, while maintaining a high-energy, action packed show. Incorporating carefully placed rhyme schemes ranging from aggressive and outspoken to heartfelt and soulful, they strive to embody all aspects of conscious thought. Straying away from being consumed by the shallow and generic hip-...See More
Denver Based Travellers Music, takes it upon themselves to deliver 100% independent hip hop in its truest form. Multiple styles unite to overcome modern day trials and tribulations.

The ILLusionists

The ILLusionists are an "aggressive, in your face"* hip-hop band from Eugene, OR. Proclaiming "Anti-Wack" status since their inception, their voices remain outspoken against the shallow, generic hip-hop that plagues radio waves today.

The beats, arranged by Web The Free Range Human, rely on old school sampling techniques, adapted for the stage by multi-instrumentalists Thunder Money and Dirty Jerz. The result is a fresh sound with nods to innovators like the Bomb Squad, Dust Brothers, and RJD2. Add a splash of hardcore punk attitude—à la Guttermouth or Sick of it All, and there you have it.

Sammy Warm Hands and E. Ville bring irreverence to the mic by drawing on their punk rock roots. With vicious diatribes, peppered with punch lines about comic books and standup comedy, it's easy to see how they captivate an audience one show at a time. KNRQ says "if you want to piss off your parents, then this is the band for you."

Commonly referred to as The ILL, the group gained local notoriety by opening shows of all kinds, from hip-hop to punk, and even death metal. Last year, they performed alongside Dark Time Sunshine (Fake Four), Ecid (Fill In The Breaks), Type (The Let Go), Dosh (Anticon) and Eyedea & Abilities (Rhymesayers).

Web had been producing remixes for E&A up until Eyedea's untimely passing in October. The band has since made numerous tributes to the late MC and regularly performs a cover of "Junk" in his memory.

Originally formed as duo in early 2008, The ILL has released three albums independently. They are currently supporting their latest release, "Death Proof." The album was praised by Hip-hop Stardom 101 for its "pure adrenaline and savvy wordplay."

Its first single, "Real MCs (Just Rhyme)," was selected by KRS-One for a compilation CD, released nationwide at Guitar Center stores in October 2010. The video was filmed at CD World, Oregon's largest independent music store this side of Portland.

On the album's closer, "Break It Down," the band takes a remarkable journey through hip-hop's artistic evolution, from LL Cool J all the way to Sage Francis. Other artists may have attempted similar topics, but the difference is clear in the band's meticulous execution.

The second single, "No Survive," continues the Anti-Wack theme, calling for a "hip-hop holocaust" where only the most honest of MCs are left standing. The CD version also contains a remix of the track and an unbelievably dirty B-side, featuring Type of The Let Go.

Wandering Monks

Originating in the socially sterile environment of the front range of Colorado, Wandering Monks is a musical entity consisting of rapper/producer McAD and his emcee partner Linguistory. The duo – who came together in 2009 – has worked tirelessly to create a unique brand of conscious underground hip hop that blends multiple genres yet maintains a distinct sound.

Wandering Monks is the fusion of the creative juices of two very different minds that developed separately but established a contrast that works. McAD, a Midwest native, is the leader and founder of the long-standing Freedom Movement, a Boulder-based hip-hop group that has been soulfully addressing social and political issues for over a decade. Linguistory is a Colorado native whose lyrical style and complex rhyme patterns are steeped as much in literature as in popular music. The two ironically met via a musician wanted ad on and it's been on ever since.

Though the guys are over 10 years apart in age (McAD is 37 and Linguistory is 26), they influence each other musically. "Working with McAD has evened me out as an artist in a sense. I think that without this partnership my lyrics would be more abstract and personalized towards my own thoughts and perceptions but perhaps less presentable to the common listener," says Linguistory. McAD feels as strongly about his growth thanks to his partner. "I feel that Linguistory's age and unique specific make-up has influenced me significantly, pushing me to be more youthful in nature, challenging me to put myself in anothers shoes who is not necessarily coming from my own personal stand point or seeing things from my own culturally biased position," says McAD. The creative vibe the duo has developed over time has pushed them to make the best music of their careers.

Being based in a state with tons of artists participating in hip-hop culture but no discernible unified scene or style has benefited Wandering Monks as they are able to focus on their music without falling into sounding like anyone else. That is very apparent in their self-titled debut album, where the duo successfully merged their personal lives with their sociopolitical ideologies, demonstrating that activism and moderate self-indulgence can peacefully coexist with the right equilibrium. The album boasts a wealth of rhymes and melodies that touch on topics such as police misconduct, fractional reserve banking, genetically modified foods and globalization. McAD and Linguistory also shine the light on themselves by sharing personal experiences involving family, friendship and spiritual balance. Musically, McAD's production (who produced all but four of the 18 songs on the debut) runs the gamut from straight-forward hip hop to reggae to funk/soul to even some Latin influences. While most current hip-hop releases sound more like soundtracks than albums with all the guest appearances, Wandering Monks kept it to a minimum with only two guests (Black Rhino and Alais Clay).

To celebrate the completion of their first official album, the Wandering Monks showcased their music at the legendary Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado Friday November 25th, 2011. With an incredible line up of Colorado's finest, the Monks stayed committed to their vision of localization and sustainability, encouraging the Colorado community to do the same by supporting these amazing artists. The full album is now available for purchase at all Independent Records locations in Colorado, and of course, at

Drawing inspiration from a long tradition of protest music, including Bob Marley, Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Dead Prez, System Of A Down and Immortal Technique – Wandering Monks may not be the most commercially viable group but in the day and age of internet and expanding sub-genres that matters not. "The mainstream is a minor distraction but it doesn't prevent us from doing what we want to do," says Linguistory. "Hip hop is infinite!"

God's Side Project

Thought provoking hip hop with content consisting of politics, religion, social issues and more.


s a collective of amazingly talented artists and musicians who's skills are making a clear impression on the Denver Hip-Hop Scene. Amazing lyrics and great song writing blend with some very talented musicianship that will keep you glued to their sound... that is, when you're not dancing your butt off to their song "Get Up."

DJ Nofrendo

Nofrendo is a lifetime vinyl addict that makes music from his soul. Telling stories of life lessons through the tones and rhythms of electro, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, breakbeat, soul, RNB and funk vibrations. Tune in to the wavelength of enlightened masterpieces woven with the threads of harmony and dissonance. As a musician Nofrendo plays multiple instruments including piano, drums, turntables, percussion, samplers and electronics. He is an Audio Engineering major in Denver, CO working to establish an independent record label for the Mile High and Worldly talent he is in tune with.

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