Mauve Lloyd

Mauve Lloyd

Mauve Lloyd is an assemblage of bohemes and free radicals, untethered from reality and hailing from various corners of the Farmington Valley--often found haunting Ye Olde Collinsville Ax Factory. The members fancy themselves floating pigs in a land without quite enough live Pink Floyd, a lacking they sometimes address when prodded. Mauve Lloyd is fronted by A Dude Named Larry on lead vocals, sound, light, theatrics and sometimes bum effects. The rhythm section consists of drummer, drinker, banger and clanger, King Kane the Ranterrible, and bassman, vocal impressario, harmony seeker and blue collar tweaker, Jonder the Fretless. Princess Queenington, Duchess of Derelictia keeps the Hammond organ from running away, while Pitstone McFeathermerchant chases his guitar around, barking at it until it cries. They often invite guest musicians to join their orgy of Floydian slips. The band is just fantastic. Their music's rather suave. Oh by the way, which one's Mauve?

John Pitblado on Guitar
Jon Snyder on Bass and Vocal
Jeff Kozlowski on Drums
Laura LaPlante on Keyboards
Larry Tauro on Lead Vocal

$7.00 - $10.00


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