Wednesday Night Residency with MT. OSSA

We make music in a way that makes us happy. We are writers, watchers, painters and listeners. We come together to bring our ideas into the light. MT. OSSA is our music and we are proud of it. People have called our music anything from surf rock and psych-pop, to dream disco and soul fuzz; we’re okay with that. We’re okay with presenting to the observer an opportunity to imagine and experience. Ever expanding, and limitless is who we are. Loving what we do is not hard. Color and light and shapes and terrestrial bodies are all things that inspire us, but our love for music is what drives us to be MT. OSSA


All songs performed and produced by Gus Seyffert. The live band is Gus Seyffert, Bram Inscore, John Wood, and Mike Green.

Thee Rain Cats

Thee Rain Cats are coming to our lives direct from outskirts of Disneyland. These guys have formed their own sound called "technicolor rock" that reminds me of Tame Impala and 90's britpop in Californian style. While I was listening to their cheerful and relaxing music I imagined myself lying on the beach in the 90's LA, high on mushrooms checkin' out hot chicks on roller-skates. You should try it.

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