Wednesday Night Residency with MT. OSSA

We make music in a way that makes us happy. We are writers, watchers, painters and listeners. We come together to bring our ideas into the light. MT. OSSA is our music and we are proud of it. People have called our music anything from surf rock and psych-pop, to dream disco and soul fuzz; we’re okay with that. We’re okay with presenting to the observer an opportunity to imagine and experience. Ever expanding, and limitless is who we are. Loving what we do is not hard. Color and light and shapes and terrestrial bodies are all things that inspire us, but our love for music is what drives us to be MT. OSSA

Eastern Conference Champions

Known for self producing every creative aspect of their identity from the music to the artwork to the videos, Eastern Conference Champions have quickly gained a reputation at home and abroad for their tireless touring and performances burning with emotion and passion. ECC, made up of Joshua Ostrander, Melissa Dougherty and Greg Lyons, reach into their vast arsenal to create a swell of sound that seems impossible for a small group to make. And with the recent addition of bass player John Tucker, the newly minted quartet have upped the ante on an already explosive live show. While getting ready for a European tour this summer, the Los Angeles based outfit is currently in their downtown studio working on their much-anticipated sixth release.

Kid Cadaver

San Fernando Valley natives, Kid Cadaver is an LA-based, three-piece indie rock band that deliver hook-driven songs that are known for their infectious, gang vocal choruses. Though they are collectively inspired by groups such as Tokyo Police Club, The Postal Service, and Vampire Weekend, Kid Cadaver carves their own unique blend of pop and post-punk into the landscape. Kid Cadaver previously released self-titled EP featured the tracks "Stable" and "Teach You the Tongue" which was frequently featured on KROQ, ALT 98.7, as well as Showtime's "Shameless".

With their new EP “Roam”, Kid Cadaver has expanded their sound that is more direct and emotionally diverse. Their new single “Keep Well” has received unanimous praise from outlets like ALT 98.7 and Free Bike Valet. KROQ named Kid Cadaver in the top 5 hyped ‘Locals Only’ bands at SXSW 2015. “Roam” is out now.

POMAR is the musical project of JARED RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL ROSENBAUM, RANDY FELTEN and ANTHONY SANDOVAL, with the help of many other friends

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