Headbang For The Highway's Battle For NEW MEXICO Mayhem Fest * Day 3

Short lived band ca. 1995 featuring Toni Halliday.


Nolan Castles - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Sam Bollard - Bass Guitar

David Rodriguez - Guitar

Joey Doddson - Drums

100% true speed metal from Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by Vocalist and guitarist Nolan Castles, who is joined by David Rodriguez on lead guitar, Sam Bollard on Bass, and Joey Doddson on drums. Warhead has been touring the nation and releasing music since 2013 with the debut album “Death Row” in May of 2013. Followed by the single “Widowmaker” in July of 2014 and a 3 song demo titled “100% true speed metal” in July of 2015. Warhead is headed back on the road to start 2016 for a U.S. tour with “Brain Dead” from Hollywood California. Spanning from January 15th to February 27th followed by a trip back into the studio to record the second full length album set to release in the summer of 2016. Warhead draws in crowds with the bands intense music, matched by the group’s look and attitude. Four dedicated road warriors who live for the stage and give their all, night after night in true rock n’ roll style. Check our profile for tour dates and stay tuned for more info.

Talk To Sheep

Throw The Switch



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