A chamber folk project that started primarily as a solo one, Moses, James, Hannah (and sometimes others) join Ryan to add layers of vocal and orchestral textures. After releasing the "See It Thru" and "Joanna" EPs this last year, Purmamarca continues to blend cherry-pop melodies and classical sounds with ambient experiments.

The End Men

It's now 2013 and the circusy rock band The End Men is releasing their first LP "Play With Your Toys" in March, right before their tour in the East Coast (March 20th - March 31st).
Digital release of the album on February 14th on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

Four Visions is the moniker of the American singer songwriter Daniel Abary. He blends sounds of minimal folk music, washes of shoegaze noise, electronic drum machines, and collages of sampled tones. The project was born in 2009 in the New Jersey native's hometown as a collection of unpolished bedroom recordings of stark vocals and classical guitars. In late 2010 Four Visions was put on hold due to Abary's pursuits in fronting Brooklyn band, Sight Seeing. It was revisted earlier this year to a newer more realized sound finding influences that range from the ambient drones of Windy & Carl, dream-pop sensibilities of Cocteau Twins, and the unsaturated lo-fidelity of The Microphones.



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