Mike Strauss Band

For over 8 years, Mike Strauss has been a prominent character in the Charlotte music scene. Voted Best Songwriter 2010 by local critics, Mike has put together an acclaimed catalog of rural rock.

Appearing in different incarnations, the Mike Strauss band consists of a core trio along with 4 other members that assemble the "big band." Described as warm, lyrical and gritty, Mike's songs feature a simplistic narrative and rough vocals.

The Catch Fire

The Catch Fire is a North Carolina based band, fronted by Mike Mitschele (Jolene, Alternative Champs). Mitschele joined the band "Young Sons" for a short time with John Cates (Bellglide, Young Sons) and Jon Lindsay before moving on to form The Catch Fire. Longtime friend and former bandmate Adam Roth (Bellglide, Laburnum) was added on Bass Guitar. Fans of well-crafted pop songs everywhere will appreciate the intense focus on a luring melody and radiant lyrics. With a sound truly all its own, The Catch Fire draw from a deep well of influences from the sugary side of pop (Teenage Fanclub, The Pernice Brothers, The Posies) to the fuzzy, warm and loose end of the scope where one might find Guided By Voices, Ambulance LTD or Cheap Trick. Lindsay has moved on to pursue his solo career and John Morris (Come on Thunderchild, Lou Ford) has taken over on guitar and vocals. The band finished its much anticipated debut full-length album Rumormill, which was released in December 2011 through No More Fake Labels (Chapel Hill, NC). The Catch Fire is known for its high energy performances and will not let you leave a show without several songs buried deep in your head.


For two decades, The Woggles have marched forth from Georgia like Sherman in reverse, leveling nightclubs with their hip-shaking, windshield-steaming garage rock fusillade" (Austin Chronicle). From songs that shake the rafters to shows that make for "a dance party rave-up that could melt Dick Clark's face off" (Village Voice), the Woggles are a four-man delivery system for rock'n'roll.

Combine a whole lot of 60's rock'n'roll with a fist-full of soul, a hip flask of rhythm & blues and a splash of surf and you'll have the exciting sound of the Woggles. The group signed with Little Steven Van Zandt's Wicked Cool Records in 2006 and their most recent release is the thunderous "Tempo Tantrum." Spin magazine rates it among the "Best of 2009" and calls it "The soundtrack for the best biker flick you've never seen." Other big Woggles' releases include 2007's modestly titled "Rock And Roll Backlash" (Wicked Cool Records). One of its tracks "It's Not About What I Want (It's What You Got)" was voted the "Coolest Song of 2006" by listeners of Sirius Satellite Radio's Underground Garage Channel. The Woggles' 2006 release "Soul-Sizzling Seven-Inch Meltdown" (Chicken Ranch Records) combines many of their now-rare b-sides, singles, and covers of obscure rock and soul nuggets.

The Woggles' live shows are the stuff of rock'n'roll legend. The Woggles' wailing, tambourine flailing leader "The Professor" Mighty Manfred casts the mojo like electricity from his fingertips. Mighty Manfred can also be found spinning vintage vinyl and sharing rock'n'roll ephermea on his acclaimed satellite radio show for SiriusXM Channel 21. Prior to answering the Woggles' call, guitar-slinger Flesh Hammer mangled strings with 1980's faves Guadalcanal Diary. On occasion The Woggles' celebrated rhythm section ( bassist Buzz Hagstrom & drummer Dan Electro) has also recorded and toured with Medway England's legendary Graham Day as The Gaolers.

"Go see a Woggles show. It will change your life" (Meredith Ochs, NPR All Songs Considered).

Temperance League

If a Temperance League show doesn’t end with the singer swinging from a rafter, table-walking through the bar, or drenched in sweat and geysers of cheap beer, you could well be at some other band’s show. Led by 39-year-old Charlotte native Bruce Hazel, Temperance League has been overturning the old-guys-can’t-rock notion since solidifying as a quintet two years ago. They’re doing so at a pace that should shame many younger acts, kicking out blitzkrieg jams on a relentless basis.

The band’s initial singles—released through their own Like, Wow label—are culled from 2010 sessions done with Mitch Easter at his Fidelitorium. The songs channel the band’s forebears, including fiery elements of the MC5, Ramones, Springsteen and even the Byrds, all in a vintage-sounding blend of swagger and catharsis. But what sounds raw and feral belies the craftsmanship that’s gone into these tracks. The two-guitar attack of Shawn Lynch and Chad Wilson tears through muscular rhythms delivered by drummer David Kim. Hazel, meanwhile, shouts out common-man aphorisms and left-leaning agit-prop like the possessed offspring of Strummer and The Boss. Decades spent slugging it out in the service industry provides him with plenty of narrative vigor and vitriol.

As energized as the singles sound, it’s live that the Temperance League really plugs into its strengths. The live chops are formidable, having been honed in some of the Queen City’s best bands of recent years, including Lou Ford, Benji Hughes, Les Dirt Clods, the Fence Lions and Buschovski, among others. It’s a veteran lineup, in other words, playing music we traditionally associate with younger generations. But while youthful rockers find punk energy and inspiration in the hunger to make their mark, this band is powered by something maybe even more urgent—the ticking clock. —John Schacht

Modern Primitives

Travis Phillips - Vox and Guitar, Darien Steege - Bass, Phillip Gripper - Drums

Dave & The Strange

A mix between 50's & 60's pop/rock and 70's New York punk and pre-punk.

Black Market

Four dudes, no rules. The only goal is to be loud and fast. We'll play a show in your kitchen, if you're into that.

2013 Wolves

Robert Childers and Neal Harper destroy shit with drums and guitars for your pleasure.

The Poontanglers

The Poontanglers have recognized a void in the Charlotte music scene, and aim to fill it.

They sound like pairs of panties flying through the air.

Formed in Athens, GA in 2006, the wulves began as a five-piece, including vocalist Jimmy Baldwin and guitarist Robert Sullivan. After recording and self-releasing their 2006 debut demo, "Demo-Lition!," the band enjoyed local success as a gleefully violent metal band in a skeptical microcosm of indie rock. The band's reputation as Athens' most fun, irreverent and evil circus had earned the nomination of "Best Up & Coming Band" by the city's Flagpole Magazine.

But L/W's buzz of positive critical reception was stricken by the departure of founding member Sullivan and the increasingly bleak prognosis of Baldwin's health. The vocalist's throat had become pocked with polyps, and while the looming reparative surgery saved his vocal cords, it effectively ended his tenure as the band's frontman. Thus, the ranks of L/W rapidly dwindled to three, leaving Aiken, Peiffer and then-drummer Mathius to fend for themselves without their chosen genre's staples of harsh vocals and dual guitars.

Ironically, this new instrumental approach to their existing material and to the writing process of their forthcoming full-length, "The Void That Isn't," added exciting new layers to their already diverse sound. Less had, essentially, become more. What could have been a void, wasn't, and made the remaining parts that much more substantial.

This trimmed lineup allows for a heartier imagination, better communication between its members, and more confident stints into uncomfortable stylistic territory. The lack of a regular vocal crutch opens the band's instrumentation to more diverse audiences and breaks previously troublesome language barriers, while allows for more abstract arrangements overall. In June of 2008, Lazer/Wulf's new identity was named "Band of the Year" by Athens' Flagpole Magazine, topping the reigning indie-rock and pop incumbents.

Once "The Void" had been released, however, the Lazer/Wulf ranks dwindled again, this time in a way that couldn't be ignored: they needed a new drummer, and the Void's advertorial cycle must fall aside while the line-up is secured. After two years (!) of active searching, jazz drummer Brad Rice was finally found and inducted in 2011.

Now, Lazer/Wulf has shed the security of genre conventions in favor of creative curiosity and more honest and emotional song-writing, growing increasingly toward the likes of Dysrhythmia, Don Caballero and Battles, while firmly rooted and informed by its thrash and prog-metal origins. Its music continues to expand in every direction, heavier and lighter, wider but more focused. The machine is varied, vicious and endlessly willing.

Lazer/Wulf's first recording with this new line-up, the vinyl/cassette/downloadable EP "There Was A Hole Here. It's Gone Now," will see independent and digital release on 4/24/2012.


Greevace, raw riff rock fueled by a punk attitude. Dealing with subject matter from, the paranormal, psychedelics, god, government and the unexplained. Greevace, much like a tank, the machine that precisely crushes and destroys, performs an honest, no tricks style of rock with a message.

Bone Snugs-N-Harmony

Bryan Pierce hosts a weekly karaoke party to rock your face off & squeeze that last little bit of awesome out of the weekend!! Putting it down in the heart of your favorite hood!



Buy online ticket for all 3 nights for only $10! 18 up - Additional $5 surcharge for under 21 collected at door. Line up and showtime subject to change.

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