Meet Delux!

Delux, he is a 20 year old Dj/Producer with his roots from Philadelphia, Pa. The music that is remixed/produced by Delux is versatile and fresh and he has the ability to connect with all types of audiences.

Delux has played in a range of crowds. However, his largest was 5000 people in Wildwood, NJ in the summer of 2012.

Delux has just recently come off a 30 city tour in the Fall of 2012 with Foam N' Glow. He has played in many states ranging from Michigan, New Jersey, Maine, Texas, Florida, New York & Alabama just to name a few. Delux is set to go back on tour in Feb. 2013.

Exploding from San Diego, California, DJ Trajikk invaded Denver's listeningears with his wicked beats in Colorado, VisualOverload 1 and 2 (NForce/Ravelighting), spinning alongside legendssuch as Anthony Acid, Slynke and Jon Bishop.
-His insane skills proved himself to Denver and since then DJ Trajikk has played with the world's greatest masters of Electronica all across America. Nominated for Best Hard Trance DJ of the Year in 2000, his presence dominates the dance scene. Since then DJ Trajikk created Beat Frekz, a production company based in Denver and spins for Triad dragon Entertainment events. His highly demanded style set his stage and became residents at Colorado's premier clubs such as Bash (Promoted by Dj Trajikk himself), Pulse and Pure. Party goers embrace his sets and at every chance DJ Trajikk gets, he slams them with his intense bass.
-Taught by the revered Hip Hop great, DJ Rectangle, Trajikk mastered DMC Style scratching in San Diego. Soon after moving to Colorado, Trajikk filtered the skills he learned into Electronica. Imaculately blending scratching, Break beats and Hard trance, his unique style won unmatched recognition and respect. Taming the wheels of steel, DJ Trajikk flawlessly harnessed the beats of Hard House. Each set¡©Hard Trance, Breakbeats or Scratching¡©is a meticulously engineered masterpiece.

$20.00 - $59.50


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