Toy Bombs, Hobart W Fink, Sister Rogers, Kat Kong

Toy Bombs' infectious sound, dynamic show and strong DIY passion has landed them many gigs at major festivals and concerts including SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, NYC's CMJ Festival, The Joint (Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas) and Salt Lake City's X96 Big Ass show. They have appeared in SPIN and Variety magazine and have had many news and radio appearances, including KEXP Seattle. Toy Bombs has been able to share the stage with great artists like Snow Patrol, Ben Kweller, Sea Wolf, P.O.S., St. Vincent, Neon Trees, Islands, Voxtrot, Ghostland Observatory and 100 Monkeys.

Toy Bombs creates music that pulls from the likes of Spoon, the Kinks, and David Bowie. It has familiarities of the classic rockers since the birth of the electric guitar and unpredictability of modern music. Listeners are dazzled with infectious melodies carried by both poppy and aggressive instrumentation. Their style has earned them comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, Hot Hot Heat, Cold War Kids, the Strokes, the Killers, the Rolling Stones, Pavement and the Clash.

Toy Bombs, formerly known as Kid Theodore, is Cole Barnson and Brandon McBride, with a rotating cast of masked musicians. Toy Bombs moved from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles in 2009. They have since toured extensively through all of the U.S., parts Mexico and Canada, and received positive reviews from numerous magazines and blogs for their unmatched live show. They released their debut EP, "Feed the Wolves" in December 2010 and followed it up with "Will Work For Free" in March of 2011.

Toy Bombs' eclectic sound and high-energy show captures the attention of all generations and crowds.

Hobart W Fink

Hobart W Fink is indie grunge rock w a disaffected punk aesthetic. The sound is characterized by crystalline vocal harmonies emerging from gutsy garage rock that features sharp transitions and eclectic song structure. Their debut LP "Back and Forth Forever" is recorded and mixed by Chris Kasych (Wavves, Phantogram, Vampire Weekend, Haim, P!nk, Santigold) on a vintage '74 Neve board and mastered by Alex DeYoung (Macy Gray, NOFX, Pennywise).

Lead single "So Many Losers" debuted on KROQ Rodney On The Roq, and on Buzzbands KCSN. Also playing on KJEE, KEDG, WEQX, KCR, and over 100 other stations, the single and album charted top 10 on KKBB charts and top 20 on FMQB charts, debuting #174 on CMJ. Two songs were selected for placement in the cult hit "Sharknado 2".

"The relationship tensions on ["Back and Forth Forever"] run ... deep as ... Jayk Gallagher and [former co-lead singer] Lauren Lakis trade off vocals and harmonize in some of rock’s fine traditions (think X, Sonic Youth and the Pixies ...) That ... [they] set their makeup/breakup to tasty indie/punk/’90s alternative licks make the audio voyeurism even better." - Buzzbands LA

"Hobart W Fink plays lots of mosh-worthy licks" - CMJ

"robust ... hard-driving indie-rock, spiked with ’90s-style riffage, tempo changes and twining boy/girl vocals" -- Buzzbands.LA

"How can you not adore ... Hobart W Fink" -LA Record

Sister Rogers

In the fall of 2010, out of a mutual fascination for the musical style of Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba, and Latin rhythms, Sister Rogers was formed. Although the group was composed of members whose ethnic backgrounds spanned across various Latin American countries, Bossa Nova and Samba were new and uncharted regions of music and culture to them. It can be said that Sister Rogers was, at its conception, a learning exercise; a voyage into a sound that was embraced and ultimately transformed.
The band began developing a new sound, which ironically stemmed from an old and long standing genre of music, drawing inspiration from artists such as Chico Buarque and Baden Powell.
They began playing in the Los Angeles area with a sound that was initially acoustically dominated. This was a deliberate effort on the bands part with the aim at familiarizing themselves with samba rhythms, jazz-like harmonies, and becoming comfortable with its ambiance. Shortly thereafter Sister Rogers took the next step and incorporated electrical instrumentation into their music.
Today, Sister Rogers still holds strong to its Latin rhythm roots while simultaneously integrating modern day influences such as, Blonde Redhead, Air, Serge Gainsbourg, and Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB), which emerged in the late 1960’s. Sister Rogers is now an assortment of electric and organic instrumentation, which they blend to create an original sound while still maintaining the Brazilian Bossa Nova, and Samba elements present.
In the summer of 2013 Sister Rogers released their self-titled EP featuring their latest single, Midnight Sands. The band continues to grow artistically, challenge itself creatively, and move forward collectively.

Kat Kong

Kat Kong is a band in Los Angeles. Kat Kong likes fuzz pedals and floor toms. Kat Kong is comprised of boys and girls. Thanks for listening to Kat Kong.



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