Nineveh Shore

"Nineveh Shore" is a five member, full electric female fronted, Christian band that blends the soulful rhythms and sounds of original Rock and the Blues into a unique style of it's own. We also play from a repetoire of contemporary selections to reach a broad range of tastes.

Nineveh Shore was founded in 2009. Originating as a praise and worship band for Living Faith Church in Colorado Springs, CO. Nineveh Shore quickly evolved into an outreach band, supporting many local ministries and benefits. Nineveh Shore's unique sound and lyrics were much in demand and it didn’t take long for the band to begin appearing publicly as a working band, performing for diverse events and venues in Colorado Springs and surrounding cities.

The name Nineveh Shore is derived from the account of Jonah and the whale, and it represents the personal testimony of each band member. It illustrates how each ran from God and found themselves drowning in the chaos of life, lost in the belly of hell and searching for an answer. Once each of them realized that they could turn back to God, they found themselves recued, redeemed and released from the chains of oppression and hopelessness. The significance of the name Nineveh Shore is important, because each band member found their purpose, but still had to deal with the consequences of life’s choices... after all, Jonah was puked out on the shore.

Our vision to write music from real life experiences and to create hope in the lives of our listeners. A hope for a better tomorrow and a life filled with joy.

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Practice Praise

We are a spiritual journey blending hints of reggae, jazz, and blues to fully share the love and energy of Jesus Christ!

Paulina Faith

Paulina Faith is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter from Parker, Colorado; currently attending school for Graphic Design and Music.

Almost Eden

Founded in early 2011, Almost Eden has evolved from just 2 guys in a basement wasting time in college, putting off homework to create what they could. Into a powerhouse of new metal, with a foundation of groove influenced Djent, fused with tasty synths and powerful melodies. (AE) has changed there sound from the same old same old into a knock the wind out of you intensity that will destroy the crowd and venue.

The ‘new guys’ in the scene, coming together from all over the states to form what is the cutting edge of the metal scene as we know it. Striving to have their music be heard, and seeking to redefine the way music is experienced. With great role models ahead of them and a drive that will not be beaten Almost Eden will prove to be the flame that fueled the blaze in music as a whole.

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