EVERYMAN is a group of musicians who intend to take the popular music genre in a new direction. Their sound incorporates elements of rock, jazz, blues, funk, soul, reggae and hip hop. John, Dylan and Allen have been together as EVERYMAN for over six years. All three of these guys were child prodigies who have matured into marvelous musicians and sophisticated songwriters. Although they have been separated for periods of time due to individual musical and scholastic obligations, they have remained dedicated to each other and to their never ending quest to achieve a higher state of musical nirvana in their next live performance. EVERYMAN has performed regularly at popular local venues and major music festivals in the Baltimore area. They have recently relocated to Manhattan and have been appearing in various clubs in and around New York City. The collection of songs that appear on their debut album ‘Day by Day’ represents their take on Modern Rock.

No Triangles

No Triangles. is a rock duo hailing from Omaha, NE and features the multi-instrumentalists Conor MacBride and Coley Mixan. The band composes swelling melodies heavily influenced by Arcade Fire, Patti Smith, Florence & the Machine, Say Anything, U2, The National, and various jazz ensembles—all the while emphasizing their intimate, and sometimes unsettling, lyrics that deal with individual understandings of isolation from a larger society. The music of No Triangles. reassures its audience that the struggles they face are not to be endured alone--often their songs weave a tight narrative surrounding death, light, and the infinite variety of relationships found in one's life. No Triangles. is interested in exploring the idea of "Human" as a verb--that all of us have a stake in each others lives and a great need to express the best of each other, despite our vast differences (and similarities).

Rexford is a band that was born in New York City. It's a chunk of Pop that was dipped in Soul and then sprinkled with Indie. With lots of original songs you can be sure of some rexy times.

Jason Matuskiewicz


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