A Concert For Will Webster (help "Ragtime" recover his stolen ride & gear benefit!)

A Concert For Will Webster (help "Ragtime" recover his stolen ride & gear benefit!)

All-around swell guy had all his gear and his ride boosted. And so, the Austin musician community answers immediately with a fantastic line-up at a cut-rate price! Come on out party people.

Graham Wilkinson

“Graham Wilkinson’s new single and video “FOCUS” definitely has a message to get across but for me, the message is nothing but love and positivity on this gorgeous morning. It’s a great way to start the day. I’m on my third viewing of this video and it’s something I had to share with you all." - Dysonsound.com

“Imagine if Bruce Springsteen fronted an “up-and-coming” indie band. Then imagine if they lived in So-Cal for a few years, picking up a pair of ears for the surrounding sounds. And then they moved to Texas.” - WONY Red Dragon Radio

“Graham Wilkinson makes beautiful music for mountain drives and nature hikes, but also for boisterous bars across North America. The music is original. Some might claim it is a kaleidoscope of roots music, folk, rock, Americana, jazz, and reggae, but really Graham Wilkinson melts away genres and makes new and exciting music.” - JamTex

“His voice contains a powerful rawness that belies tremendous songwriting craft. Graham’s lyrics are a journal of discovery. Every song is its own revelation; exuberant, buoyant, and deeply reflective. Graham is intense, brilliantly focused and deeply moving – a raucous celebration!” Bill Harris (Dubious Quality)

“Graham is like no other musician on the scene with charisma in spades and the songs to match. Graham will make you think, drink, dance, maybe even kiss a stranger.” Hayes Carll (Lost Highway Records Artist)

“Graham’s a great singer/songwriter. His songs are deep from the heart. His music on stage comes across as very honest, true and real. His unique voice and style make for an enjoyable live show.” Steve Augello (ThumbPlay/RCA Records)

“In a town (Austin) known for its eclectic music there are very few bands as eclectic as this one.” Jay Trachtenberg (KUT Radio)

“Graham is a little Tom Waits, a bit more Michael Franti with a touch of Springsteen.”
Dwight Baker (Grammy Award Winning Producer)

“A recent release that is easily one of the better “Austin albums” of the year is Graham Wilkinson’s Yearbook. As with many of the great albums that came from the Lone Star state’s capital, Wilkinson doesn’t concern himself with boundaries and constraints of various genre labels. Rock, country, soul and even reggae and ska populate this album, to varying degrees of success.” Kelly Dearmore (Twangville.com)


About Wisebird
Coming upon you like the shadow of a great bird of prey, Wisebird... well... Wisebird would likely hate an introduction like that. Metaphoric overdrive would simply not do. What works for them is a straight-up approach. Wisebird plays authentic, soulful rock-- thick with heavy, swampy rhythm and groove. The stuff that comes from the gut. Although these are intelligent guys playing well-crafted music, it isn't over-thought. It may even be described as "brilliantly obvious", as in you don't need to think too hard to figure it out. This is a good thing. Their music-- like their powerful live performances-- is fresh, vibrant and new, yet it is still somehow familiar. "One could lazily say they sound like The Allman Brothers but more accurately they're the children of Leon Russell and Freddie King, real blues and blood soaked bar rooms surfacing in their heavy notes."(1). If one were differently lazy, one could say they are like a more organic version of Black Crowes wishing they were Skynyrd. However one describes the sound, there seems to be something for most music junkies in the mix. For song lovers, this is lyric-driven music that doesn't take endless left turns. For rockers, Wisebird's guitar-driven Southern strut screams out "Freedom!" (but not in a Mel Gibson way). For jam kids, it is reminiscent of the late 1980's when Phish was channeling Lowell George-- either through Little Feat or his production of Robert Palmer's best work-- in some of their raw, sweaty covers.

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, Wisebird is working the road hard from Austin, TX-- the city they now call home. Thanks to the support of a few festivals (including their very own Desert Rocks Music Festival in Moab, UT) and some key reviews of their performances, they have garnered an enthusiastic and growing fan base from The Golden Gate to Lake Pontchartrain. Having been recently picked up by a national agency, Wisebird is expanding their touring to include most of the Southeast. "Wisebird is for real. Wafting organ, searing guitars, and a thumping back line, they are powerfully eye opening, FUN and should not be underestimated nor missed if a chance arises."

(1)Dennis Cook, Senior Editor, Jambase (2) Corby Anderson, Jambase

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/wisebird#ixzz0ykmZ2TEG


Austin, TX-based band Buggaboo is Chad Pope, Clayton Colvin, and Douglas Jay Boyd, and came to life in January of 2012. Each of the members are unique and talented singer-songwriters who have fronted previous bands, creating an eclectic sound that mashes together Americana, Blues, Country, and Soul with a gritty twist.

Jeremy Nail

Veering fron jangly to anthemic, Jeremy Nail's debut, Letter, is a diverse, gripping listen, one that's centered around his ability to capture waking moments with intensity. An all-star cast of accompanists, including producer/bassist Mark Addison and drummer Joey Shuffield, assures that Nail's visions take shape with a self-confidence by a local singer-songwriter that hasn't been displayed on a first effort since Jeff Klein.

-Jim Caligiuri
The Austin Chronicle

$5 - $10 sliding scale donation at the door

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