The Huffers, John Eichleay, Zac Taylor, Ocean View

The Huffers

The Huffers are a group of musicians who have played together in various combinations for many years. Buford and Dan played together with The Toasters, NYC's ska legends, and together with Ben most notably with Dub Is A Weapon, a mostly instrumental dub outfit that played up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and achieved some notoriety for being the back-up band for Lee Scratch Perry. Buford and Jenny are the horn section for the reggae-rock hybrid The Easy Star All-Stars, and together have circled the globe countless times. Kevin joins this lineup to deliver a full spectrum sound, loosely based on the post-punk funk sound of 1980's New York and London, sprinkled with some reggae magic dust, with straight ahead drums, funky bass and jangling guitars, over which the horns deliver harmonies, poly rhythms and, to quote Bruce Dickinson, "Explore the Space."

John Eichleay


Zac Taylor

Zac Taylor has been making wise cracks for audiences in venues, subways, and parks around Boston, NYC, and Atlanta for the last few years. In recent months, he's kicked things up by adding horns, a swingin' rhythm section, and some filthy electric guitar, dubbing the band Zac Taylor & The Drugs. Think Ben Folds' playfulness with some gritty Telecaster. The debut record 'Salesman' is set to be released this spring. Produced by Berklee's own Ben Gebert, the vibe of the record has raw, tube-crunched guitar, rollicking drums, and some old school Wurlitzer to round out a jazzed-tinged, in-your-face pop-rock sound.

Ocean View

”Music is a continuance of ourselves, of our bodies and minds and hearts.
We have to do it. If we don’t do it, we’ll die a horrible, boring death!”
Julius, vocals.

Under a darkgreen oceanic noisy fog lies an intense undercurrent of acute, unhinged, trembling,
desperate energy and yearning of souls. Of lyrics of passion and urgency. Of haunting guitar wavescapes of beauty, wretchedness and dense sparkles of hope. This is Ocean View.

Ocean View, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is on tour in the US in May / June 2013.
They're bringing their new 10'' vinyl/digital 'Ocean.Puke.Future': US release May 22.

Ocean View is known for their intense live shows, building strong bonds with showgoers through their magnetic approach and strong energy. An energy that translates into their songwriting.

Their acclaimed 2012 debut album 'No End' produced by Iceage producer Jens Benz, is now being chased at the heels by this 10'' May 2013 release – same producer.

Ocean View is the tale of hunting down people of your own kind, hooking up, feeling real, staying true to heart. Of finding the drummer you wanna walk to – then turning that walk into a wrenching musical experience that'll touch the souls and dreams of those who listen.

They are booked for several European festivals this summer.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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