This Time With FEELING

This Time With FEELING is a four piece fridge-rock band from Orange County, CA.

With heights ranging from the groundling 5'4" to the mountainous 6'3" and everywhere in between, they've begun to carve themselves a comfortable niché in the Orange County/Los Angeles music scene.

They've played the beaches of San Diego! The beaches of Orange County! The beaches of Los Angeles! Beaches!

Nearly internationally renowned for the voluptuous bass stylings of Tony Dean, the coveted, sensual percussion of drummist Matthew Craven, the keys and guitars and shit of Eliot Cossaboom, and the unexplainable guitar playing and introspective cooing of Ali Coyle, it's unbelievable that you can see these guys whenever you want. I mean, really! Lucky you!

They have successfully released a new face-melting rollercoaster into the jaws of rock! Their new EP, "We Hope That You Don't Mind," is available for purchase and live streaming at

Peachy Keene

With humble beginnings in tiny coffeeshops to performing at numerous venues and events all over sunny Southern California, Peachy Keene transcribes the ups and downs of everyday life into passionate & relatable melodies and words to create a sound that is all their own.

Taking cues from fellow sisters Tegan & Sara, indie-pop goddess Jenny Lewis, the vocal harmonies of Eisley, all while adding their own unique stamp, Peachy Keene write and perform songs about love (the good and bad kind), of dealing with change & daily struggles, of wistful yearnings of a once simple & carefree life combined with a positive outlook of a better future.

Fusing memorable three-part harmonies with solid acoustic & electric guitar work, dynamic keyboard melodies, and a tight rhythm section, Peachy Keene creates songs that are so catchy you can't get them out of your head.

Oona is the Bay Area based project of Dave Tweedie and Oona Garthwaite. Joined by Alex Doty, Andrew Lion, and Matt Berkeley on stage, the duo create rock infused dance pop backed by guitar solos and a wall of instrumentation for their frequent live shows around San Francisco. Packing a tightly produced sound highlighted by Garthwaite's powerful vocals, Oona attain the professional sound of pop music doubly enhanced by their full band dynamic.



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