Abdomen Canvas

Abdomen Canvas

Motivated By Silence

Hard-hitting in-your-face riffs, rhythmic breakdowns, epic sweeping solos, and melodic yet dissonant shredding are what you get with Motivated By Silence, a quintet out of Orlando, FL. Started in 2005, MBS brings it to the table with influences not only from the wide range of the metal spectrum, but also from all walks of the musical playing field. They are more then ready and willing to take it (that's what she said!) head on with their intense high-energy shows, trying to get even the group of indie-pop kids in the back of the room to stop staring at their phones and raise the horns.

Incredibly ambitious, hard-working and passionately dedicated, the year ahead will surely see Motivated By Silence turning a few heads in their direction.

Tales Of Massacre


Abdomen Canvas ( Comeback show!!) Motivated By Silence Tales of Massacre https://www.facebook.com/events/648082335208540/

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