Three Bad Jacks

Three Bad Jacks

With the arrival of Three Bad Jack's new CD Pictures & Memories From Home, the band forcefully asserts themselves as true, renegade rock & roll prophets. From the propulsive, high octane opening track "I've Been Around" to the brooding closer "Pricks & Thorns" the album never falters, charting fresh new territory with ebullient authority. Their hard hitting aggression, anchored by a throbbing gutbucket bottom end and topped off with bandleader Elvis Suissa's passionate vocals, unfailingly pulls the listener in. High impact, soul deep, thoroughly original, this is uncut rock & roll expression that goes upside the head with stunning force.
Such a dynamic achievement is the result of a hard earned perspective. One of Los Angeles' hardest working bands–and biggest club draws–Three Bad Jacks have been pounding it out, non-stop, since the late 20th century. Typically averaging over 250 shows a year, selling out rooms from Hollywood to New York City and headlining on numerous European festivals, the groups' dedication and rebel spirit have long since been honed to perfection. It rings true in every note that singer-guitarist Suissa, bassist Ruben Ibarra and drummer Adam Jones strike, each of whom display a mastery and understanding of the underground American big beat heritage. Variously labeled in the media as both rockabilly and psychobilly, with Pictures & Memories From Home the band has delivered a genuine rock & roll statement, one that not only expands on previous releases Made of Stone and Crazy in the Head but also rates as an important step forward in the artistic exploration of an increasingly bastardized art form.
"I'm really excited about this record." Suissa said. "It's a straight-up rock & roll record that draws from that transitional period of the late '50s-early 60s, but it's also as modern and original sounding as we could make it." The album echoes with trace influences from garage primitivism to stomping Deep Southern rockabilly, yet all of it is filtered through the bands own unique prism, resulting in a sound that "original" scarcely begins to cover. Produced by Suissa, mixed by studio veteran Dave Schiffman (Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down), mastered by Howie Weinberg (Clash, Iggy, Ramones) and featuring key contributions, on keyboards and strings, from Rami Jaffe (Wallflowers, Foo Fighters), the disc has a gloriously full, unruly tone, yet shifts to tender balladry with effortless, fully realized ease (striking examples here are the bluesy "Beautiful" and the heartfelt family-themed "Noah & Jacob's Song").
While use of the word "mature" may seem the contradictory to Three Bad Jacks international reputation as rock & roll wild-men, their mix of the sensitive and savage is impressive, and the ability to navigate such a broad musical spectrum is even more so.
Again, it's all about experience, and with records sales topping 150,000 to date, numerous songs placed on television and video game soundtracks and having long since graduated from selling out hometown venues like the Troubadour, House of Blues, Galaxy Theater, Fonda-Music Box and Key Club to sharing bills and touring with the likes of Joe Strummer, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dwight Yoakam, Social Distortion and Bouncing Souls, Three Bad Jacks are nothing less than a force of nature. All of that wild bandstand action–and after-hours philosophy–brings them an almost supernatural insight that has critically enhanced the band's indisputable natural talent. Just one listen to Pictures & Memories From Home will drive that fact home–loud and clear.

The Henchmen

With hard rocking guitar riffs, thumping upright bass & thunderous drumming. Henchmen have a sound that is as hard hitting and ruthless as their name implies.

Voodoo Swing

Voodoo Swing, Nervous Records and Rockhouse Records recording artists is a premiere Rockabilly trio established in 1990. The trio consists of Shorty on lead guitar and vocals, while Leeroy pounds on skin and hollers and Ruth lays down the grooves on bass. They have shared the stage with modern legends such as Big Sandy, The Frantic Flattops, The Paladins, Lee Rocker, Three Blue Teardrops, The Reverend Horton Heat, Russell Scott and his Red Hots, the Dave and Deke Combo, and The Hillbilly Hellcats to name a few. Playing a unique rip-it-up style of Neo-Rockabilly quickly got Voodoo Swing the attention of Nervous Records in London, and they were quickly signed. Voodoo Swing's debut album "We're Usin' Code Names!" came out on Nervous in 1993. It was followed by their second album, "Well, Okay Then!" released on Holland's Rockhouse Records label. Voodoo Swing's music has also been on dozens of Rockabilly compilations, including "American Rumble," and "Only Freeways to Skinner Cat!" The band also provided the soundtrack for the lowrider documentary film "Low and Slow." In 1998, Shorty was voted "Best Electric Guitar Player" in Salt Lake's "City Weekly Magazine" readers poll. In the 90's, Voodoo Swing toured the Western U.S. and played rockabilly festivals around the country. At that time, the band called Salt Lake its home base. While playing a show in Wells, Nevada in the mid-nineties, a little-known gambler and the 4th King of Buthan, Jigme Wangchuck overheard the combo playing over the "ding ding" of the slot machines. The King peered into the concert hall and was mesmerized by what he saw and heard. That night he ordered the band be "relocated" to the home of his throne in Thimphu, Bhutan. Shorty, Leeroy and Ruth were made the courts jesters and were promised freedom after 5000 shows had been played for the King. Early in 2008 Voodoo Swing fulfilled their obligation to the Kings Court and now are back in Arizona playing for the fans they have missed for all these years. Look for Voodoo Swing in a dive bar near you... just NEVER in a casino.


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