Vagabond Opera, Krebsic Orkestar

Vagabond Opera

he six piece, Portland, OR based ensemble Vagabond Opera is described by The Washington Post as “A band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more than a little touch of both the naughty and exotic.” Featuring four singers (two operatically trained) two cellos, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, double bass and drums, the Bohemian neo-cabaret gypsy pop ensemble plays a combination of cabaret, burlesque, tango, Balkan beats, Klezmer, rock, Arabian music, Parisian hot jazz, and, yes, opera that’ll leave your head spinning. The ensemble sings in 14 languages and mixes their genre-defying original tunes with covers made famous by such artists as Jacques Brel, Tom Waits, Raymond Scott, and Edith Piaf - all performed with theatrics, flair and more than a nod to the old world.

Vagabond Opera is at the center of the Neo-cabaret phenomenon, and through their theatrical performances and eclectic repertoire bring the eclectic artistic spirit of Portland, OR to the world. The October 2011 release of Sing For Your Lives marks the fourth full-length release from the band to date. The ensemble premiered their first full length opera "Queen of Knives" in May 2010. Vagabond Opera has performed across the USA, and in Europe from Poland to Portugal; they are played regularly on NPR, and have shared stages and players with Pink Martini, Devotchka, The Decemberists, and the Oregon Symphony, to name a few.

“An eclectic musical phenomenon.” -- NBC

"The crowning glory of the night.... this sextet has fine voices, unbelievable musical chops and a huge and humorous stage presence. They know how to dress, how to make an entrance and how to craft an instantly hummable tune.” - The Seattle Times

Krebsic Orkestar

Portland, OR based Krebsic Orkestar is a 14-piece brass band playing loud, fast, danceable Balkan beats! likened to a cross between a bar mitzvah and a bullfight! They plays music from the Balkan region with trumpets, baritones, trombones, drums, sax, tuba and guest dancers!

$13 in advance • $15 at the door


A mustache touting accordion player bellows opera from a Victorian hot air balloon, while Tesla Coil's and theremin's whistle on stage. The cello's begin to duel. A belly dancing chanteuse sings of ancestors, and wails to the moon. The guitarron's been drinking. Portland Oregon's own Bohemian Gypsy cabaret ensemble Vagabond Opera are bringing their rip-roaring brand of contemporary cabaret once again to the The Secret Society with songs in 10 languages, top hats and notable flair. Teamed up with them are the infamous rip-roaring Krebsic Orkestar - Portland's own 14-piece Balkan Brass band! Featuring belly dance by Daniel Smith, special musical guests, tarot readings and more!

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