A flower child born in the wrong era, Ria Boss is a Ghanaian-Burkinabe singer songwriter, living in New York City and laying poetry on the strum of the acoustic guitar.


Finding out who a person is, is a task that is left to those who truly want to delve deep – exploring realms of a mind that one might not necessarily enjoy traveling through. So how can the words on the page truly encompass who I am, without you taking the time to float in my being? The music speaks for itself, yet pleasantries are pleasantries.


She prayed through the Virgin Mary and her daughter was born – November 24th 1989- premature, (although you’d never guess that now) – In a quaint little hospital in London. She named her Maria Emmanuelle Grace Bossman-Damiba, a thank you – Hail Mary full of grace. She sent news of her arrival, “A star is born”, on the invites to the christening – heavy words for a child days old.


From Europe to Central Africa, Gabon became their new home - Shout out to all bilingual folks out there – home by the water, the memories taste like salt. Where’s Dad? Here come the issues. Mother and daughter separated, so Mother could get on her grind – teach your kids the value of hard work. So daughter moved.


West Africa. Ghana. Mother country how she loves you - To live with her Grandma for the majority of her formative years, mother to join afterwards. Piano lessons, choir, ballet, tap, you name it, she was in it. Till she was 18, her life revolved around Ghana, around family – self being molded by the situations she was placed in, and sometimes placed herself in. Yet, the music was always a constant. Always the remedy. The two most important women in her life surrounded her with the sounds that would soon be the makings of the musician.


New York. New York. 18 years old and a dream. College was the goal, but her dreams are much bigger than that. No culture shock for this child, her journey to find acceptance was over. Ghana is home, but New York is what her brain was made of. Niche found, voice finally ready to be heard. Weird and wonderful and full of falsettos.


Maria Boss, a Ghanaian-Burkinabe Momma’s Girl with hope, with music…with madness. With Etta, Nina, Sade, Masakela, Kuti, Scott, Arie, Hendrix, Lennon, Prince, Whitney, Ocean, Adele. Thanking hiplife, highlife, afrobeats and the djembe. They create the warped nature of the twisted sounds, they create the soul, the melody, the words. Her sound has been compared to the likes of John Legend, Tracy Chapman and Teedra Moses. Singer. Songwriter. Boss.

Jackson James

A transplant to NYC 5 years ago. I've been in many bands here, made a lot of great music, and met even more amazing people. I'm still the lead singer in the band Race to Dawn but decided I wanted to make something a little different. I decided to start an acoustic project to make music that says something that I couldn't do with a heavy band. Along with my friend and co-writer Levi (LevRock) Pervin I've embarked on this journey and plan on putting all I have in to it and taking it as far as it will go.

Hope you take this ride with me!

Serial Obsession

Serial Obsession is a kick-ass, guitar-driven, rock band out of NYC who has come together to create a sound that avoids new trends but rather revisits old school rock to create a fresh and exciting sound.

Billy White

Brooklyn-based pianist/composer/producer Billy White is a musician for the 21st-century. A graduate of UCLA's Ethnomusicology-based jazz program, headed by venerated guitarist Kenny "Mr. Taste" Burrell, White drew from a wide variety of sources to inspire the creation of his first album, which will be available for purchase in December. The album, features the cream of the young jazz crop from both Coasts, with Yunior Terry on bass (Steve Coleman, Steve Turre), Steve Belvilus (Les Nubians) on drums, and rising horn stars Ambrose Akinmusire (Monk Competition winner) on trumpet and Dayna Stevens (Wayne Shorter) on tenor saxophone. White's versatile composition often blends jazz with a variety of other sources, including hip-hop, latin music, and folksong, creating uplifting, peaceful moods with an irresistable swing. His portfolio is as diverse as his latest album, with experience as a musical director for a popular underground hip-hop group BOKU, a stint as keyboardist with two French soul/hip-hop stars Spleen and Hugh Coltman, accompanist with the Martha Graham school of dance, film composer, producer, educator and music writer.

Omega Sirius Moon

This Post Progressive Rock energy cross pollinates with delta blues, hip-hop, emo-grunge and jazz. As if that wasn’t enough, a lovely balance and heavy influence of native percussion instruments gives this project a uniquely tribal feel. On the new indie EP, The ANTIHERO Project, OSM returns to fans a more evolved musician. The Brooklyn based heart throb introduces us to her unapologetically brutal and beautifully abrasive guitar stylings, while flaunting her effortless ability to write vividly wilding epics that take the listener on an other-worldly journey through the heart and mind . OSM contends that this project was written for ”the REBELS & ROMANTICS of the world” yet maintains that ever present OSM theme of Esotericism, Divine Mathematics and of course, Magic. Currently touring state side and abroad. OmegaSiriusMoon.com



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