Emilio Rojas

During a time when New York is struggling to break new artists, an unlikely face, from an unlikely place, has emerged. Rochester, New York, native Emilio Rojas is just that: The fresh face New York needs to reclaim a place in the forefront of the Hip Hop genre. In 2005, Emilio received a phone call from a friend asking if he would like to move to New York. After selling everything he owned, he was living in Brooklyn the next day. Since then Emilio has distinguished himself by releasing several critically acclaimed mixtapes, and taken his place amongst the most anticipated of up and coming artists

While currently living in the Tampa Bay area, New York born Temp is poised to make a big statement in the Hip Hop scene. By bringing a classic mixture of storytelling and lyrical skills, Temp’s rhymes are reminiscent of the era of hip hop when there was more to songs than just teaching dance steps and bragging on a body count. One listen to the dark and sophisticated “Man That I Was” with lines like “Music made my world but industry be poisoned, salmonella; bout to cut my heartbeat off and let my soul fly acapella,” will undeniably give you an understanding of the lyrical depth you can consistently expect. Temp is earning the respect of his peers and quickly gaining ground in the underground Hip Hop scene nationally.

Samurai Shotgun

Based in Tampa, Florida; Samurai Shotgun is setting their sights on expansion and flooding the world with the experience of listening to their music. The band is composed of lead vocalist; Matt Henley, guitarist; Tyler Mulder, bass player; Bryant Harp, drummer; Jovan Lecaro, and on the turntables and keys; Marquis Blocker otherwise known as DJ Qeys.
The members all met through mutual friendships, school and work. Individually all are equally talented, but together Samurai Shotgun is unstoppable.

$15.00 - $17.00


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