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with Resident DJs:
Tom Chasteen
Boss Harmony
The bass will be booming, the dance floor will be moving, the vibes will be nice, the sweet Reggae music will fill the air. With DJs Tom Chasteen and Boss Harmony and MCs Jah Faith, Ras Benji, Tippa Lee, and special guests. Hope to see YOUR face in the place!

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus

Ras Michael was born George Michael Henry in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in the Rastafarian community in the ghettos of Kingston. He is known throughout the world as a reggae vocalist and Nyabinghi drum specialist whose style is the heartbeat of roots reggae.

In the early 60's, Ras Michael formed the Sons of Negus, a rastafarian group of drummers and singers who had grown up in the tradition of burra drumming, one of the few surviving remnants of their African heritage. In Jamaica, the burra and kumina
drums first sounded to celebrate the religious and social gatherings of the African people in Jamaica. Gradually, the Rastaman took over, beating the drums at their prayer meetings, or groundations. While Ras Michael's music is drawn from an amalgam of biblical and African chants, he distinguished himself from the other drummers in the early Rastafarian movements by forging the connection between the traditional hand drums and the modern electric instruments used in commercial music, thereby taking his message of equal rights and unity from a few scattered communities in Jamaica's parishes out to the entire world.

Ras Michael has worked, recorded and performed with some of the most legendary musicians in the world, including Peter Tosh, Lee Perry, Burning Spear, Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack. He performed with Bob Marley at the One Love Peace Concert in Jamaica in 1978. Later that year, Marley was asked what he thought of Ras Michael. "Ras Michael is a roots master and a Nyabinghi specialist" he said. "He tells it like it is." Ras Michael has recorded more than 24 albums over the years, including the memorable Kibir Am Lak (Glory to God) , Rastafari Dub ,Love Thy Neighbor (one of the last records made at Lee Perrys Black Ark studio),and Weh Dem A Go Do With It . His tune "None Of Jah Jah Children No Cry" is a reggae anthem.
His Album "Peace and Love" (under the name Dadawah) was recently re-released by the Dug Out label. As Honest Jons describes it : "Led by Ras Michael over four extended excursions, the music is organic, sublime and expansive, grounation-drums and bass heavy … At no cost to its deep spirituality, this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia."

Ras Michael is one of the founders and president of the Rastafarian International/Marcus Garvey Culture Center in Los Angeles, and and he continues to tour internationally ."The music is spreading" Ras Michael says, "and the people are getting more of an understanding. Without the one drop hard-core reggae music, without the Nyabinghi drop, reggae would not be reggae and have no true identity. It brings the elders, it brings the old man, it brings the young guys, it brings the ghetto people, the uptown people, downtown and suburbs...everyone, with true expressions of themselves, so it is reality."



This will be a great night of roots reggae music with performances by Ras Michael, Michigan, Judah Eskender Tafari, Ras Bunny, Heartical Band, DJ Boss Harmony, Zion Love Sound, and more. It will be a benefit show to help with our bredren King Richards current medical expenses, proceeds from the show will go to him. If you've been to the Dub Club you've felt Richards positive vibes on the mic, so come on out and make this an evening to remember! $10 starts 9pm.

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