Banjoshi is the collaboration of childhood friends Mitchel Heard and Karl Henricksen. After not having played music together since middle school, they happened to both be living in New York around 2009-2010 and decided to start recording songs as a fun side project. But it wasn't until they were living in separate cities in 2011 that things started moving. Within a few months of weekend trips from Boston to New York, tracks started materializing and the idea for Banjoshi was born.

"Horse" is the product of those long-distance sessions, bringing together Mitch's experience in the hip-hop world with Karl's background in the New York rock scene. Now Horse is poised to take their synth-infused r&b/rock hybrid to heads all over the world.

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Rob Decoup

Rob Decoup's music comes from the surrealistic imagery of dreams weaved around his thoughts of the moral-sociological-political triumphs & struggles of his time. "When I turned 15 I got an electric guitar, but my folks didn't know it needed an amp, so for a while I simply trained my ear and manipulated the sound with no amp!" Rob Decoup is all about invention and evolution—from his days of no-amp'd guitars to his now fully evolved razor-sharp sounds, adapting to survive is his key instinct. He holds a PhD in Political Science, which means he's a natural communicator between cultures, between citizens of the world and those in power; Rob isn't on a mission to make your body simply dance, he aspires to be a positive influence by shaping the world around him through music.

Musically, he's influenced by legends such as The Beatles, The Doors, Dylan, Hendrix, and his sound's power comes from the feverish energy of Metallica and Guns N' Roses, just to name a couple. Rob has been on the road since he was a boy, the things he's seen and lived—from London to Vienna from Italy to NYC—is the tale of the poet traveler, absorbing the stories and terrors of our time with a songwriter's eye & mind and throwing it back into the world through rock music that has the burned & haunted edge roots of classic blues music pain.

"As i was sitting one night in 1991 glazing at the stars, a huge cloud moved towards me in an unnatural fast speed, with fire shining brightly in the center of it. Creatures with sapphire thrones floated out of it in crafts made of two big wheels. They told me the melodies would come at night... The melodies are the weapons of choice in the inter-galactic war against the enemies of the age of Aquarius! "

When Rob Decoup comes to town, enemies of the human free spirit run and the free-spirited are energized and armed with his melodic lyrics.

Fast rising solo artist/songwriter Dan Reardon currently juggles four non-exclusive publishing deals. When music biz legend Neil Gillis (Warner/Chappell Music 16 years) signed the Long Island, New York-based singer to a publishing deal, he had one transformative suggestion: Don’t try to sound like what you think others want to hear. When Reardon applied his stellar songwriting chops to the emotions within, he created his definitive music. The blend of poignantly personal lyrics and soaring choruses on the upcoming EP Can You Hear Me Now? (Right Me Up Records)----out August 28th---is both distinctly Dan Reardon and universally resonant.

Dan Reardon grew up a Dave Matthews Band fanatic and classic DMB is creatively indelible for him. “I can play those first three DMB records to a ‘T.’ I attribute a lot of my guitar playing to his unique chords and triads, it all still shines through.” Reardon’s first successful band was the modern pop-rock band, Soundside. That band did 5 records, one in Spanish, and played over 400 shows, opening for diversely esteemed artists such as Berlin, Days Of The New, The Tubes, and the New York Dolls. Other Soundside career highlights were a charity gig at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome in front of 20,000 people, and working with producer Adam Lawson (Panic at the Disco, Paramore) and video director Scott Culver (Hellogoodbye, Yellowcard).

Reardon’s latest, Can You Hear Me Now?, joins the highly respected Insterscope roster with an exciting distribution deal. His publishing contract with Neil Gillis and Round Hill Music is poised to offer him some real strength in the synch licensing world. The company owns the rights to several Beatles songs and Back Street Boys songs, empowering Round Hill with some primetime licensing leverage. Dan is also busy writing his full-length debut to follow up this powerful EP.

The five-song mini-album follows a revelatory love, loss, and, ultimately, personal triumph narrative. The euphoric “Heaven” bursts open the EP with the invincibility of young love. Reardon’s earnestly rich vocals are romantically bold, he sings: Take me to heaven/ Come take my hand and guide me to the door/ Take me to heaven/And I'll be yours. Sequentially, “On My Own” recounts the demise of the relationship. The elegantly wistful third track, “Seldom Sunday,” with stately cellos and yearning harmonies, perfectly captures the unraveling of life after a painful breakup.

“That song paints a picture of a real low point in my life relationship wise,” Reardon reveals. “When I wrote lyrics for that song, I poured out my heart over six pages. I was so lonely and sad.”

The EP concludes with a gorgeously spare version of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” The MJ cover was recorded as a last-minute addition, tracked with fevered inspiration while battling the studio clock. Reardon had no time to fancy it up. Elegantly paired down to Reardon’s achingly beautiful vocals and subtle acoustic guitar virtuosity, it’s the EP’s redemptive moment. “It was the perfect way to end the record, to culminate with coming to peace with myself, triumphing over the loss of love,” Reardon explains.



VERONICA is a post punk electronic dark wave synth pop duo from the NYC/Brooklyn area that combines modern technology with 80′s British music. Drawing their influences from underground bands such as The Chameleons UK and Bauhaus to main stream successes like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Pet Shop Boys. Veronica sounds minimalistic subdued with a shot of party your depression away with lines of melancholy,Billy Idol and coffee … lots of it. Blending sampling, drum machines, midi sequencing with live instruments and drowning vocals to create a haunting sound that both hints on the future and reminds you of the past … Veronica’s punk/party ethos is sure to rock you.



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