Beloved psychobilly outfit Nekromantix will be loading up their hot-rod hearse and tearing up the nation's asphalt during the summer months for another barn burning tour of North America. Led by the exquisitely coiffed rock and roll idol Kim Nekroman and his infamous coffin bass, the Nekromantix will begin their rollicking trek by entertaining their rabid fans in the Arizona desert before taking their otherworldly sound to the Southern swamplands before eventually careening into the fleshpots of Las Vegas for a finale at the Country Saloon. As the news hounds at the Phoenix New Times recently raved: "You could make a helluva case for Nekromantix frontman Kim Nekroman as (psychobilly's) crown prince. In many ways, the Nekromantix epitomize the psychobilly look and sound even more than the good Reverend himself."

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