With his iconic white strip and swashbuckling charm, Grammy-nominated recording artist Adam Ant is
one of the most recognized faces of the 80s who has sold over 40,000,000 records. His massive, global
hits including “Goody Two Shoes”, “Stand and Deliver”, “Prince Charming”, “Room at the Top” and
“Wonderful” have crowned charts worldwide (At one point, he had eight singles in the global Top 40
charts in one week). He also delved into an acting career with film/TV roles including “Nomads”,” Love
Bites”, “Slam Dance”, “The Equalizer”, “Sledge Hammer!”, “Tales from the Crypt” and later penned his
After sold out USA and UK tours in 2012, Adam has just released his new album “Adam Ant is the
Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter”. The album, a musical autobiography with 17
musical stories about his life and things that interest him, debuted at #8 on The Official Chart in the UK
and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart. Now, with his band, The Good, the Mad and the Lovely
Posse, Adam is preparing to cross the pond again with a massive 2013 tour.

Prima Donna

A five-man high-energy machine, Prima Donna have only been on the scene for three years, yet in that time have knocked out over 325 shows, nearly a third of which were overseas. Their live show is a whirlwind of color, energy, bravado, volume, and an avalanche of catchy, sing-along choruses. Clearly inspired by the early punk of groups such as X-Ray Spex, the Ramones, and the Sex Pistols as well as '70s glitter such as Mott the Hoople and David Bowie, the group's sharp n' concise songwriting sidesteps any notions of the group being "retro." How retro can a group be if their average age is 22?

All of this live excitement and excellence caught the eyes and ears of Acetate Records, who in the past have had the good taste to issue music by such artists as The Hangmen, Throw Rag, Jackson United, The Black Halos and Nine Pound Hammer. Prima Donna's Acetate debut 'After Hours' is a ten-song collection of all-original, driving Rock n' Roll. Song's like "Soul Stripper" and "Dummy Luv" openly defy you to sit still, arranged to cause maximum sonic damage. Combining thick, rhythm guitars with stinging lead lines, the sound is explosive, propelled by ceaseless forward motion, yet never is melody sacrificed. Solos never noodle or shred - whether taken by Kevin (of Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs) on guitar or Aaron on sax or keyboards, they are as soulful and melodic as the songs they support. Up front and center, Kevin proves to be the man of the hour, singing in a strong tenor that is at once sultry and swaggering, clear and unaffected.

Co-producing the album with Messiaz (Eddie Spaghetti, Neila, Monique Powell, Ladykillers), the band's pure vision of what Rock n' Roll is permeates every track. Muscular riffs, to-the-point lyrics, killer licks, songs that get themselves over with in under three minutes - it ain't a formula if you're living it. These guys live it, all year 'round, on the road, in the studio, in the street.

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