Afton offers artists hope for finding greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their creative work. We provide this through live performance opportunities and online informational resources. In an industry full of people anxious to tell you that you can't, we're lucky to be able to tell you that you can.

By providing an opportunity for live shows, Afton offers a primary vehicle for artists to share what they have created. Aditionally, we provide unique strategies for artists and advocate a proactive mindset. We encourage them to determine the purpose of their art, establish their definition of success, and then create the plan that will get them there. This missing framework is the only thing keeping many artists from having the career they want.

The Royals

Rock and roll!

From Six To Midnight

In the band we have Ethan Perran- (base, guitar, backup vocals, flamethrower, grenade launcher and hockey) , Cole victor- (Guitar, skin flute, rain maker), Greg Steele-(drums, bongos, cajun, and sometimes the trash can!) Colin lanser-writer, lead guitar, lead vocals, also the skin flute, harmonica when one is around, sings in the shower!

online $11/ $13dos


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