Asian In NY "Hello Taiwan NYC!" Concert: Monkey Pilot, 88Balaz, Hsu-Nami, Late Cambrian, Torpid May

Monkey Pilot

Monkey Pilot made out of seasoned musicians from different famous Taiwan indie bands collaborating together in a Supergroup. Their music featured in Taiwanese drama soundtracks and and got nominated in many different category in the 21st and 22nd annual golden melody award. (biggest Taiwan Music award) They recently released their 2nd full lenghth album “Big Child” in the summer of 2012.


From Taipei Taiwan, a bluesy garage band with just enough local Tai-Ke intensity. While the band is credited as winning the biggest rock-band competition in taiwan, Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards.


An international renowned progressive rock band from the United States. The Hsu-Nami, named after the frontman Jack Hsu, became known as the first "Progressive Erhu Rock" band in the world. The Hsu-Nami integrates an amplified "erhu", a two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into an instrumental progressive rock sound. Their music is marked by virtuosic erhu melodies and shredding licks, in place of vocals, as intertwined by heavy guitar riffs, tasteful guitar solos, funky rhythms, and metal-driven rock drumming. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, the Hsu-nami redefines the 1960s and 1970s fusion rock sound.

Blazing the stages of the New York city area with their fiery brand of progressive rock, The Hsu-nami has been building a name and gaining fans since its inception in 2005 with an explosive live show and exceptional musicianship. Behind two independent releases, "Entering the Mandala" (2007), and "The Four Noble Truths" (2008), The Hsu-Nami has put together an impressive series of significant performances, (Most recently touring the whole country of Taiwan starting from the famous Spring Scream festival in Kenting to Kaoshung, Taichung & Taipei in April of 2011) They also headlining festivals in New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Boston MA, St Louis MO, Seattle WA Vancouver B.C and Toronto ON, as well as playing New York's Citi Field (cap. 42, 000) and Times Square. They have also shared the stage with major acts, both domestic and international: Yellowcard (USA), Nightmare of You (USA), Bowling for Soup (USA), Chthonic (Taiwan), Van Fan (Taiwan), Dazzle Vision (Japan) and High and Mighty Color (Japan).

Late Cambrian

Late Cambrian is a Brooklyn Indie Alternative Rock band. If The Strokes and Phoenix adopted a rock baby from Elliot Smith and The Arctic Monkeys the baby's name would be Late Cambrian.

They have won numerous awards on Ourstage Sonicbids, and Reverbnation, and have had their music placed in The Real World, Married To Jonas and other popular TV shows.

Torpid May

Hailed as "A true representation of the Taiwanese indie music scene" by MusicDish Network, their musical interests have always been an eclectic interplay of ambience and angst over dense textured soundscapes, with melodic layers in a balanced blend, packed with suspense and often lead up to chaotic finales. This results in songs that are episodic and progressive, at times delicate and course, somber and affecting, dreamy and stern. Like an act of collage making, overlaying, overflowing and contaminating audiences' senses, hearing their songs is like "staring at drizzles and drifting off into the neon abyss, while a stormy night awaits' said Marcus Lui, Radio DJ at WZRC AM1480.



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