Outer Minds, Sybris

Outer Minds

Outer Minds have descended upon a sound that's reflected the last half decade of trudging and persisting, honing their craft into a sleek, moody, and more intense vehicle, tightly locked into its groove, and a perfect sum of it's five unique parts. Escaping the trappings of the mundane minions of psych-peddlers and reverb rookies clouding up the landscape, these five have burst through, and turned into a darker, more ominous machine, sharpening their claws and sawing their infectious melodic mesmerizations into your soul.

Awash with surging melodies and vocal walls so high you can't even see the top, this band is finally getting the double-takes and longing stares they've been deserving for years, pulling in new converts at a steady clip and winning over the wretched simultaneously. The familiar, yet haunting organ interwoven with the 12-string Danelectro vibrations instantly sends chills to all your extremities, and the pulsating rhythm throbs and pummels its way right into oblivion, causing the energy levels at live performances to reach dizzying heights. As they sharpen their sound into a legion of 60s pop/psych textures and nuances normally reserved for the baroque set with their impeccable glockenspiel-laden arrangements, Outer Minds weave a rich web of sound around hypnotic hooks and deliver an impressive performance both live and on record, equally worthy of your immediate attention. With all five integral members serving time in such illustriously diverse bands as Baseball Furies, The Deccas, Black Beauties, Lover!, Functional Blackouts and The Runnies, it's no wonder how well they come together as Outer Minds, breaking through into a higher state of mind and forming a true force in Chicago underground music for years to come.

Sybris has been around. In the background of your photos, slightly out of focus. Hiding in the shadows of the side stages of Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Virgin Festivals but feeling most at home in a smokey bar on a tiny stage.


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