VANDAVEER is the song-singing, record-making, globetrotting project penned and put forth by alt-folk tunesmith Mark Charles Heidinger. Born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, and currently camped out in the nation’s capital, Vandaveer offers up melodic Americana that is both haunting and easy, forlorn and welcoming, with stories as universal as the songs they inhabit. Vandaveer shapeshifts from studio t o stage and back with a revolving cast of characters, most prominent among them Rose Guerin, offering up the loveliest harmonies heard this side of Eden.

Vandaveer has released three full-length albums and one EP since taking flight in '07 -- Grace & Speed (2007) / Divide & Conquer (2009) / A Minor Spell EP (2010) / Dig Down Deep (2011).

Kurt Vee

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born in kansas city missouri. live in kansas city missouri. recent relocation, a homecoming of sorts. projects no one remembers. recording songs and playing for an assortment of audiences including mirrors in basements and hallways. thirsty and hungry. twenty-eight years old with a fall birthday. full-time pedestrian, awakening from years of hibernation. equipped with clinched teeth and callused hands. short, tiny, baby, little songs crammed together with a sideways grin.

Storm Circus

Kansas City, MO based folk duo following in the footsteps of The Civil Wars, Bon Iver and Dashboard Confessional. All the while charging forward with a new sound and a new wave of music.

Two Headed Cow

Two Headed Cow is an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery topped with red sauce....



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