Murder Junkies, Human Aftertaste

Murder Junkies

Human Aftertaste

Human Aftertase is the most brave, original and adventurous band to grace our ears, eyes and players in a long, long time. Human Aftertaste's second album - White Man's VooDoo manages to do something very few albums do... It gets better with every listen, and that is when you quickly realize that the music is far, far superior to any image anyone could of ever come up with. Thats when you quickly dismiss the entire gimmick theory all together and enjoy all of the beats, screams, cries and passion that White Man's VooDoo produces. Human Aftertaste hands down delivers one of our favorite albums of the year... Now if we can just get them to Dallas so we can have the chance to see the magic they produce on stage - if it is 10% of the magic on the album, I think everyone will be very pleased. Do your part in spreading infections... get it and let others have a small taste... before you know it, we will all have been penetrated by the entity that is Human Aftertaste.

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