MEDICINE (Captured Tracks/Creation Records) + Tropic Of Cancer

Part Time Punks


Medicine was formed in Los Angeles in 1990 by guitarist/producer Brad Laner
 as a means for marrying raw experimental textures with classic psychedelic
pop song craft. Considered by many to be the foremost American purveyors of 
what some called Shoegaze or Dreampop, Medicine were one of the few U.S.
bands on Creation Records and highly unlikely residents of Rick Rubin’s 
American Recordings where they released three LPs and many EPs between 1992
and 1995. At the time, these records elicited confused head scratching from
 most and ecstatic devotion from some. Despite Medicine’s willful obscurity,
they subversively reached mainstream consciousness via their appearance in
the 1994 film (and its #1 soundtrack album), “The Crow”. Medicine imploded
 in 1995 and Brad Laner has gone on to release an ongoing series of solo LPs
and guest appearances on albums such as the current M83 album , “Hurry Up,
We’re Dreaming”, Brian Eno’s “Another Day On Earth” and Caribou’s “The Milk
 of Human Kindness” . 20 years on, these original two records by Medicine are
still a bracing sonic slap in the face. Filled with surprises and strange
detours, both beautifully melodic and harshly experimental, these reissues
are lovingly presented with a complete set of vintage non-LP B-sides and
 many archival curiosities for those who wish to delve deeper.

Tropic Of Cancer

Fusing the post-punk purr of The Cramps, The Slits & Androids Of Mu with the darkerwave machinations of Joy Division & Cabaret Voltaire, DVA DAMAS bring their growl back to PTP (featuring Taylor from Tropic Of Cancer!)

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