Will Monotone, Nikko Gibler (Live)

Nikko Gibler (Live)

An accomplished pianist/producer/DJ now based in New York City; Nikko Gibler has, for the last few years steadily risen up the dance music ranks by producing and landing his multi-instrumental and vocal talents to a series of releases. Gibler's last 12 months have been particularly notable as he has become a keyboard player and vocalist of choice for some of the top names in electronic music.

Born with perfect pitch into a highly musical family, Nikko Gibler's life has been inevitably surrounded by music all his life. Both of Gibler's parents are pianists in their own right and thus his love for instruments, sounds, rhythms and frequencies came naturally with time. He began playing the piano at the tender age of 3; Composing by the time he was 8; and producing music professionally for advertising agencies in Mexico by the age of 13.

Giber's wide-ranging work has been used or featured on radio, tv, runways, websites, magazines, xm radio and nightclubs all over the world since 2005.

As a dance music producer, Nikko has released original material and remixes on internationally praised and acclaimed labels such as: Leftroom, Culprit, Petfood, Time Has Changed and Dieb Audio. His collaboration with Matt Tolfrey and Lazaro Casanova, the "LAX" EP came out on Culprit in late May of 2012, following Nikko's debut on the immensely respected Los Angeles-based imprint last year. All three songs on the LAX EP climbed their way up to the Top 100 Deep House Chart on Beatport.

Nikko Gibler's DJ career spans over a decade. The past 18 months have seen a whirlwind of travel that has taken him to Paris, London, New York, Miami, Milan, San Diego, Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Istanbul, San Francisco, Playa del Carmen, Southern Italy and Monterrey, Mexico to name a few places.

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