Ruby Pines, Worth, Goose and Fox, Anna & The Underbelly, Bottlecap Boys

Ruby Pines

Portland-based The Ruby Pines is soul vs. indie vs. folk. Michael Backus plays a blues-minded guitar, as Moorea Masa's soulful vocals reverberate throughout, and damn: girl has a set of pipes. Whether blues, dreamy indie-folk, or a finger- snapping Gospel choir drives the back sound, it's always stripped down- the better to highlight Masa's powerful vocals. Her real talent as a singer lies in the ability to communicate a range of emotion, and the raw edge in her voice could break a heart in two. Ruby Pines is reminiscent of a different era; it begs an intimate setting. It would hurt to miss such a booming vocal talent

Christopher Worth (known by the moniker WORTH, both solo and in full band capacity) has become well known in the Western US and Europe for his unmistakable voice and eclectic songwriting. Much of his style comes from playing on street corners around the world, often with renowned bucket drummer Phil Bondy. WORTH’s live show varies from an intimate acoustic setting (solo set) to a delta funk street corner vibe (in the duo with Bondy) to the full 5 piece rock band with harmonies and psychedelic guitars. No matter what the lineup may be, the spirit of WORTH's music is both classic and modern. The sound is timeless, inspiring, and cuts to your core in the honesty of it’s expression.

Goose and Fox

Anna & The Underbelly

Anna and the Underbelly mixes small town melodies with words found on the sidewalks of the city. Each song is a gently written attempt to sort out the reasons behind the people and places that hold us. Since getting started, Anna has played both solo shows and shows accompanied by a rotating band of wonderful musicians. Her music is lyric-driven, honest, and hopeful.

$8.00 - $10.00


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